Postponing the launch of the Saudi satellite … and a new date is yet to be set

The City of Abdul Abduliziz for Science and Technology announced on Saturday that the launch of Saudi Satellite 17 “Shaheen Sat” aboard the Russian Soyouz2 rocket scheduled for today has been postponed, adding that the new launch date will be announced at a later point in time.

The satellite, whose mission requires high-precision ground imaging and tracking of ocean-going vessels using artificial intelligence and big data, was to be launched from the Baikonur base in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is characterized by “Shaheen Sat” with an imaging accuracy of up to 0.9 meters, a weight of no more than 75 kilograms and dimensions of up to 56 * 56 * 97 cm.

It is noteworthy that the King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology worked on the development of the satellite with the participation of the American company LINA Space.


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