President Biden arrives at MIA, will visit Surfside

Rescue teams are in the partially collapsed 12-story oceanfront condo tower in Surfside, just north of Miami Beach. The part of the South Champlain Towers that collapsed faces the ocean.

People with loved ones in the condo, missing or safe, should call 305-614-1819 to notify authorities. Anyone who lives in the Champlain Towers and who is safe is asked to complete a Well-being assessment form to help Miami-Dade County keep track of tenants.

Here’s what we know so far:

President Biden arrives at MIA

9:32 am: Air Force One landed at Miami International Airport. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will travel to Surfside, where a building partially collapsed last week.

The death toll is 18. There are 145 people missing.

Federal investigation into Surfside condo collapse begins

9:25 am: The federal agency that pushed security reforms after investigating the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in 2001 announced a similar investigation into the Surfside disaster on Wednesday – an investigation that will likely last for years.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has been in Surfside since Sunday, and confirmed its intention to launch a full investigation to find out what caused the Champlain Towers South Building to collapse and what changes to laws, building codes and regulations could be made to prevent another failure of this kind.

“We are going with an open mind,” Judith Mitrani-Reiser, deputy head of the materials and structural systems division at NIST, said at a press conference Wednesday night on the occasion of the Surfside collapse. “With any building collapse, we would like to understand how the building was designed, constructed, modified and maintained. “

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Is the sister building of the Tour Champlain Sud safe? Surfside hits a roadblock undergoing overhaul

8:55 am: Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told reporters on Wednesday the town hit a roadblock trying to reassure residents who live in Champlain Towers North – another 1981 condo tower with the same design and developer like the Champlain South towers.

Burkett said residents of the North Tower wanted to know if their building was safe. He said an engineer hired by Surfside had reviewed the plans for the north tower but “expressed concern about those plans as they may not be complete.”

At a press conference Wednesday night, Burkett said Surfside was rushing to get additional paperwork for the exam. He has already said that residents of the North Tower who wish to relocate will benefit from help do this.

-Douglas Hanks

Biden’s visit to Surfside will affect traffic

8:44 am: If you’re driving Thursday morning in North Miami-Dade, put a little more (safe) rushing into your rush hour. Various roads will be closed as President Joe Biden lands for his visit to the site of the South Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside.

And expect the afternoon rush hour to start a bit early as the president heads back to the airport.

The exact presidential routes are never revealed. But common sense says that if Air Force One lands at Miami International Airport, roadblocks are possible on several freeways and roads in the morning and afternoon, including State Road 112, State Road 836. (the Dolphin Expressway) and Interstate 95.

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Structural problems stop search a week after condo collapses

7:40 am: Exactly a week after the Champlain South Towers building collapsed, rescue teams stopped work Thursday morning, fearing the remaining structure might collapse. Additionally, South Florida is preparing for the possible arrival of a tropical storm later in the week which could affect the site.

The new challenges emerged Thursday as President Joe Biden prepares to visit Surfside to meet rescuers, console grieving families and deliver remarks on what could be the country’s deadliest building collapse.

So far, rescuers have recovered the bodies of 18 people and say 145 others are still missing. Late Wednesday Miami-Dade Police identified two sisters, Lucia Guara, 10, and Emma Guara, 4, as the last victims of the condominium collapse. Their parents are also deceased.

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7:40 am: Here’s what to know Thursday morning:

the number of deaths is 18 years old, including two children. The number of missing is 145. The Surfside building collapsed at 1:23 am on June 24th. The tower fell while the residents were sleeping. The side of the collapsed building faces the beach.

President Joe Biden will visit Surfside Thursday, a week after the collapse.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a little-known sub-agency of the Commerce Department that investigated the fall of the Twin Towers after 9/11, has been in Surfside since Sunday and has confirmed plans to launch a full investigation with in the goal to find out what caused the Champlain Towers South Building to collapse and what changes in laws, building codes and regulations could be made to prevent another such failure.

It will likely take months or even years before engineers and other experts know exactly why part of the Champlain Sud towers collapsed.


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