Prosecutor whose decision resulted in Cosby’s release also defended Trump in impeachment trial


Lawyer Bruce Castor in the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. (US Senate TV via REUTERS)

The prosecutor whose 2005 decision not to charge comedian Bill Cosby with sexually assaulting Temple University employee is no stranger to the headlines this year: he previously defended former President Donald Trump during his second impeachment trial after the Capitol uprising.

Bruce Castor was the Montgomery County District Attorney when he made the decision not to charge Mr. Cosby, stating at the time that there was not enough evidence to charge Mr. Cosby with ‘a crime due to the fact that potential witnesses were likely barred from testifying and the lack of forensic evidence, according to court documents.

Under his agreement to drop the case, however, Mr. Castor demanded testimony from Mr. Cosby in a civil lawsuit brought by Andrea Constand, his accuser, where he would not be subject to Fifth Amendment protections. Mr Cosby relented and made incriminating statements during these depositions which then served as the basis for prosecution of Ms Constand’s allegations years later.

In January, Mr. Castor met with another high-profile accused, Mr. Trump, and was asked to lead the president’s defense in his second trial in the United States Senate.

Although Mr. Castor’s defense resulted in Mr. Trump’s acquittal, thanks to the unwavering loyalty of Republicans, the impeachment trial saw the largest defection on record of senators from Mr. Trump’s own party in a such trial in the history of the United States.

It was also the very first time that a president faced two separate impeachment trials by the US Senate; in 2020, he faced articles of impeachment and a Senate trial for his efforts to convince the Ukrainian government to open a criminal investigation into current President Joe Biden in a bid to defeat that presidential bid. last in 2020.

In addition to prosecuting criminals as a district attorney in Pennsylvania, Mr. Castor would also become solicitor general and acting state attorney general, although his candidacy to serve as attorney general for a full term failed.

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