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Queen Elizabeth’s first appearance after the death of her husband

Queen Elizabeth II appeared yesterday for the first time in public while carrying out her royal duties since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, peacefully on April 9, at the age of 99.

Queen’s debut in action

Queen Elizabeth on her first appearance – Image via Instagram

According to the “Mirror” website, the 95-year-old queen appeared smiling as she received virtual audiences via a video link from Windsor Castle, 10 days after her husband’s memorial service. The Queen appeared speaking with the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia and the Ambassador of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire.

The last appearance of the queen

Queen Elizabeth on screen via video link from Windsor Castle – Image via Instagram

It was the last time the Queen was seen at the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip. She wore completely black clothes and remained in mourning for two weeks, meaning that all events and activities were canceled or curtailed because the royal family is still in an official period of mourning.

And now two weeks of royal mourning in memory of the late Duke of the Royal Family and their families ended last Friday, which means that the Windsors are allowed to return to work full time.

The Queen returns to official work

Queen Elizabeth on screen via video link from Windsor Castle – Image via Instagram

Four days after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen had returned to work without publicly appearing as she held her first personal event on April 13 with a meeting with the “Earl Bell” who had stepped down from his role as Lord Chamberlain – the most senior official in the UK royal family who oversees the departments. That supports and advises the Queen.

A day later, she welcomed the new Lord Chamberlain, Baron Parker, who was overseeing Philip’s funeral in Windsor.

It was not photographed in these two events.

The Queen honors her husband during her appearance

The last appearance of the Queen at Prince Philip’s funeral – Image via Instagram

The Queen paid an influential tribute to Prince Philip during her appearance by wearing a special brooch that was part of a tiara gifted to her on her wedding day in 1947. A matching necklace also came with him.

The brooch she wore is believed to be the royal flowered “Hyderabad Order” brooch. Nizam of Hyderabad and Osman Ali Khan, the last rulers of Nizam and Berar Indian princely state, bought her the gift from Cartier. She was later said to separate the flowers from the diamond crown for wearing as a separate brooch.

The design included three roses, one large in the middle and two small ones on either side, with the ability to separate all three and wear a brooch.

According to Write Royalty, the gift is on the official wedding gift list as: “Diamond Crown, English Rose and Foliage Design, Diamond Pendant.”



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