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Ramy Sabry announces the end of mourning for his brother, the first of August. Sadness in the heart, madam

The artist Ramy Sabry announced the end of the mourning period after the death of his younger brother, singer Karim Sabry, starting on August 1, confirming his return to artistic work again, pointing out that he will keep sadness in his heart, because life will continue no matter what happens.

Ramy Sabry and his late brother Karim – Photo from Ramy Sabry’s Instagram account

And Sabri wrote through his personal account on the Instagram website: God willing, I will return to work again from 1/8/2021, and I am very sorry for my cancellation or for not attending weddings and parties in the last period, because I was unable to sing due to the death of my dear brother Karim. Amen.. anger in the heart and life will walk.

Ramy received support from the poet Tamer Hussein, who had previously launched an appeal to support Ramy’s return to his artistic work after learning that all his concerts had been canceled in the previous period. The thing you love the most and make you forget any upset, and the singer Sandy commented, saying: May God strengthen you and give you patience.

Interestingly, the audience of Ramy Sabry disagreed about the decision. Some of them saw that Ramy is in a hurry to return to the artwork, and she said, “Sadness is in the heart, but in less than a month!!!!!” What is this your brother is not one I met by chance on the street.

Another follow-up defended Ramy Sabry, saying: No silly comments, I hope you guys are forbidden, so fear God. They are not human beings. We mean that when we have a death case for the closest people to us, a mother, father or brother, we sit at home and we do our job for the last week and we go down and coexist for our sake Eating our livelihood does not mean that we have no difference. Sadness is inside the heart. He also eats his livelihood and has commitments. We have a little mercy. Have mercy on those on earth. May those in heaven have mercy on us. God Almighty.

Ramy Sabry had previously announced his legal pursuit of all pages and digital sites that dealt with the death of his brother Karim, and touched on his private life and revealed some secrets related to the family, and launched an initiative to legislate a new law to preserve the privacy of the personal lives of art stars and celebrities.

Rami published a statement on his official Facebook page in which he thanked everyone who consoled him in his painful affliction, and quickly got to the heart of the matter, saying: First, thank God for your efforts, all of you, a thousand good people for your condolences and for standing by our side in the pain that we healed and the loss of my dear brother Karim Sabri.

Secondly, I appeal to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in the name of humanity and in his capacity as the father of every Egyptian youth, and I appeal to our great Egyptian state with its just laws and provisions that protect us from the evil of the malicious word and psychological harm, and with a request from the Supreme Council for Press and Media and the House of Representatives to put an end to the abuses Which falls on us from each of the profanity to delve into our personal lives.

He added: I demand the establishment or activation of laws if there are laws of which I am ignorant, and the imposition of penalties on anyone who transgresses and interferes in the smallest details of our private lives. As Egyptian citizens, like any Egyptian family, they have the right to preserve their privacy and not to infringe on their privacy and secrets in a lowly offensive manner and illegal defamation, which Some forums and news sites dealt with it in the death of my brother Karim Sabry. They did not care about the sanctity of the dead, nor the feelings of a mother and father, and unjustified defamation of my brother Karim’s reputation and, accordingly, the reputation of my honorable family in the height of our pain and calamity.

He concluded his statement by expressing his grief over the media coverage of his brother’s death, saying: Instead of praying for the deceased for mercy and forgiveness, we became a media material that was exploited in a non-human way, with neither religion nor humanity accepting what we healed.

And he threatened legal prosecution of all those who transgressed by saying: I am very, very upset with some journalists and sites that are supposed to be respectful. I was shocked by them. Unfortunately, every site and forum will be boycotted and held accountable for wrongly transgressing with defamation and engaging in inappropriate symptoms and accusations. I am confident in the integrity and justice of the Egyptian judiciary. Finally, beware God is in your profession and in your words and actions the trend will not benefit you the day we argue with you before God in what you said to the generous God, may God have mercy on him, he was the first to pray for him and mention the merits of your dead, O believers.

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