Rare insects prepare to invade American states .. billions of “cicadas” will appear again after 17 years of “hiding”

Many American cities are preparing to receive an “unconventional guest,” and they only come to America, it is related to cicadas, in a rare natural phenomenon, where billions of these insects are expected to appear, after they have spent years growing patiently in complete darkness, completely simultaneously. It’s like at a wild party.

According to network report NBC News America, Wednesday 17 March 2021, 17 years have passed, and the cicadas, known as Brood X, have returned. Insects Cicadas last time, Facebook was brand new, movie theaters were showing Spider Man 2, 2004 Summer Olympics were underway, and since then, those underground insects have been eating and growing.

A strange natural phenomenon .. what is its explanation?

“It’s in the dark, feeding on roots, and living the best time of its life until the time is right, and that’s when she decides it’s time to get up and find a partner,” says Matt Casson, an assistant professor at West Virginia University who studies cicadas and the fungi that attack them.

Starting in late April or early May, once the Earth is warm enough, you will see billions of Brood X flying insects (relative to the Zizae family) across twelve US states, from Illinois in the west, and Georgia in the south, to New York. In the northeast. Baby cicadas, called “nymphs,” make their way out of the ground, flattening their skins and turning into adult insects. It will only have a few weeks to mate, to start the 17-year cycle over again.

There are six species of periodic cicadas in North America, all of them in the genus Maggi-cicadas. Three types of subsistence in a cycle of 13 years, and three species of 17 years.

Thousands of species

The upcoming appearance this year includes a group of three species that span 17 years and are named Brood X, because they were the tenth in an arbitrary naming system designed by entomologist Charles Lister Marlatt in 1898.

There are more than 3,000 species in the world, and while it takes two to five years to grow, at least some adult insects of these annual species appear every summer, and in much smaller numbers.

The cyclic species, which all have the same extended life cycle that culminates in mass emergence, are incredibly rare.

With the exception of only one species recently discovered – millipedes that have an 8-year cycle in Japan – cicadas are the only insect species that have evolved to live this way.

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