Readers discuss goofy Kansas City, Kevin Strickland, and Veronica Malone

Local madness

The best argument for keeping the Kansas City Police Department under state control has nothing to do with race, politics, or money. Instead, the best argument for state control is to stop the clown show at City Hall from insinuating its sticky fingers into the policies, staff and budget of which is a pretty good deal. good service. The result would be a total disaster.

– Howard Hardegré, Independence

Missouri behind

To Missouri Governor Mike Parson:

Like F. Michael Martucci of Hamden, Connecticut, whose letter appeared in The Star Tuesday (7A), I watched the recent national show “CBS Sunday Morning”, along with millions of other Americans, on the pursuit of unjust incarceration of Kevin Strickland. and Lamar Johnson in our Missouri prison system.

These men were found to be innocent in many ways, including those of prosecutors Jean Peters Baker and Kim Gardner. They are still being held in prison on the basis of legal technicality – one that you, Governor Parson, have the power to overturn in favor of these men and justice.

Martucci mentioned that this situation “looks bad” for you and for the state. This is true not only from an east coast and national perspective, but also at the local and state level. Like you, I grew up in Bolivar, in southwestern Missouri, and I share this point of view. We are missing the mark by failing to help these wrongly convicted men.

The great state of Missouri is failing on several fronts, including lax gun laws, gun violence, weak COVID-19 vaccinations – and now refuses to right the injustices that greatly harm these men and their families . I ask you to forgive them now, Governor.

– Stan C. McDermott, Kansas City

It is not justice

Bill Cosby, convicted of sexual assault, is at large for extremely frivolous technicality, while Kevin Strickland is rotting in jail for a crime everyone except Missouri Governor Mike Parson knows is he is innocent. Parson says if Strickland was released he could hurt someone. A man over 60 in a wheelchair? Is that so?

Having been a Republican for most of my life until about four years ago, I still had a voice for Parson. I sincerely hope that he does not intend to run again, as I cannot believe that anyone of any political stripe can be with him on this issue.

Kudos to The Star for his editorials on Strickland, and kudos to Tom Wolff for his July 1 letter on this situation. (8A)

– Joyce Kidd, Kansas City

It’s not just you

We constantly hear about free choice and freedom as a justification for not getting vaccinated. However, we cannot have a free society without individual responsibility. These go hand in hand.

Don’t demand to be free and then act irresponsibly. Get the vaccine.

– Stephen Kunz, Land park

a swimmer

I would like to thank both Vahe Gregorian and Veronica Malone for the wonderful profile in the Sunday newspaper. (1B, “Former swim coach Veronica Malone is now a transgender advocate”)

I have had the privilege of having Veronica as a friend and mentor during her training days and since her retirement from training.

Her coaching lessons were invaluable, but she taught me even more through her advocacy, honesty and bravery.

It takes a special person to have two chapters in life that have positively impacted so many people. And it takes a special writer to document such a person with such care and care.

– Gabe Downey, Laurent

Artistic excellence

Last Friday, July 16, the Kansas City Baroque Consortium gave an excellent concert of Italian music from the 17th century. I’ve listened to hours of classical music over the decades, and this concert was one of the best I’ve ever had.

The play was masterful, the selections were varied and enjoyable, and the audience was delighted. I urge the citizens of Kansas to educate themselves and support the Kansas City Baroque Consortium.

– William T. Shechik, Kansas City


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