Real horror stories written titled Curiosity of a Girl Cause on the Way of Destruction

We humans exist who cannot control our many instincts, some of us cannot control our open appetite always, and some of us cannot forgive those who sinned against him, and some of us do not have the ability to curb his extreme curiosity.

The story of a girl who is in love with the world of jinn

and demons drifting behind hearing and reading everything related to them, believing with certainty about all these matters, always looking for all the evidence and proofs that prove their existence, always trying the answer that comes to her mind and thinking about the possibility of their presence with us, and their ability to harm us To harm, evil and other hidden matters that only God Almighty knows.

A girl, if she was told, go to a place such-and-such time, and she will find something to tell you about what you are looking for (related to the world of the jinn). She went without thinking about the consequences even if they were dire. She really does not care about anything in life at all, not even her safety and security, always driving after her curiosity .

One day her friend told her about the existence of a book that she had read

about and perhaps heard more than once in which he explained facts about the world of the jinn. The girl took the name of the book from her and set out on a journey to search for it. She left nothing but did it in order to enter a world full of hidden secrets that only he knows The discerning, according to her, secrets that can only be revealed to the elite of people who have a special interest in the kings of the jinn and the Marada.

After a long search that lasted for months in a row, the girl was able to find a copy of the book described for her, and the girl sat after preparing the entire atmosphere so that no one would interrupt her privacy and her enjoyment of the book and what it contained.

On the first night, she was unable to separate the book from her hand until she fell asleep, and as soon as her head fell on the book, she felt a breeze of air passing through her ears. It was a somewhat cold breeze. She woke up in panic. She did not pray for the sake of the satisfaction of her Lord, and she did not take a measure of rest for the sake of Her body, she even continued reading the damn book, and she continued reading until she fell asleep again.

What she saw in a dream made everyone in the house wake up terrified by the sound of her screams, her mother came to wipe her body, and the girl screamed at her mother’s face, so she patted her back and started reading the Qur’an, and as soon as she returned to her normal state, she began to cry bitter.

She began to recount the dream that she had seen in her sleep, which she did not consider a dream, but rather swore that it was a reality, she saw a black dog addressing her and threatening her and promising her a bitter life in return for what she brought to the world with some of the words that she read from the book that she was not good at dealing with nor understanding the words in it.

From then on, she became afraid of falling asleep and drinking steroids in excess so that she would not sleep,

because today it is simply no longer a source of comfort and tranquility for her, but rather a source of bringing all the wicked to her life and actually harming her. Whenever the girl woke up from her sleep, everything she saw in her sleep, she saw a real effect on her body. Parents began to seek help from everyone who knew him and those who did not know him as well.

Her curiosity was the greatest reason for her unhappiness, for she achieved and accomplished what she wanted and desired and entered the world of jinn and demons from the widest gates of it, but she did not reap her haste except heartbreak and body pain. Every day the girl wilts, for after she was a fragrant rose with open leaves, she became unrelated to her beauty, neither from near nor from afar.

When her family despaired of helping her in the spiritual way, they directed her to a psychiatric hospital. The girl was sleeping most of her time under the influence of medicines and drugs, and her sleep was considered a golden opportunity for the genie that she prepared from his underworld world. The latter is trying to end her life on her own, and the girl is still suffering and does not find anyone to guide her to the path of salvation. She calls for death but does not meet it, for she considers death the only way to move away from these creatures that do not know mercy.

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