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Reem Abdullah: I did not expect Ramez Jalal to be in Riyadh, and it is not correct for me to shout throughout the episode

Reem Abdullah’s episode in Ramez Jalal’s program “Ramez Aklh Flar” led the Twitter trend in Saudi Arabia for many hours, achieved high views, and received many comments and wide interaction.

For her part, Reem went out through her official Snapchat account to respond to some of these comments, explaining the fact that she appeared with Ramez in the episode.

The fact of the prank

Reem began her speech by explaining her condition after the plot, where she assured her audience that she was fine and healthy, saying: “Good evening my love, and every year and you are well.

She explained the truth of what happened in the episode by saying: “Whoever deceived me, I do not have any information, and I do not think 1% of Ramez comes to Riyadh for filming.”

Not screaming

She touched on the audience’s comments about her not screaming while Ramez hit her in one of the paragraphs of the episode, explaining that “some of them asked me: Did you not feel the throw? Because it is not a Kalashnikov, or a silent one, and it is not correct for me to shout throughout the episode, the pain is normal. “


Afterwards, Reem spoke about the scariest paragraphs, and about that, she said: “I was only afraid of the fact of the fall.”

Amazing interaction

She also commented on her official Twitter account, saying: “When will the day come when we take our right from you because of the landfills that everyone has settled?”

She posted an image confirming the number of tweet views, and wrote: “One million views of my tweet on Twitter in just three hours. Thank you for your love, my dear fans.”



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