Ronaldo is not one of them … the 10 most expensive players in the history of Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in English football. Due to the succession of many stars, and he won dozens of local and continental championships, so the value of the 10 most expensive players in the history of Manchester United appears to be very huge.

And it’s been popular Manchester United With his purchasing power in the summer and winter transfers, as he does not hesitate to bring stars in exchange for huge sums and pay large salaries to his players. It suffices to say that the highest-paid player in the English Premier League is David De Gea, the keeper of the “Red Devils”.

The 10 most expensive players in the history of Manchester United

In the next report, we review the ten most expensive players in the history of Manchester United, according to the site Talksport The specialist in sports figures and statistics, bearing in mind that the list lacks the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most successful players in the club’s history.

Anthony Martial

In the summer of 2015, Martial became the most expensive young player in history, when he joined the ranks of United for 36 million pounds from Monaco, but many reports confirmed that the total deal, including incentives and bonuses, reached 57.6 million pounds.

Over the course of 5 and a half seasons, the French player played 256 matches, during which he scored 78 goals, including 55 in the English Premier League, and won three titles with the team, including the European League, and the French international is still making good performances with the team so far.

Juan Mata

The Spanish star arrived at the “Theater of Dreams” in January 2014 for 37 million pounds from Chelsea, after entering into clear disagreements with coach Jose Mourinho at the time.

Matta performed somewhat well with Manchester United, and you can consider his period with Louis van Gaal the best, as he played with him a total of 71 games over two seasons, in which he scored 20 goals, but he could not make the impact that he was doing with Chelsea, especially since he had become A marginal player in the last two seasons in the “Red Devils”.

Nemanja Matic

The deal to get him from Chelsea was a surprise to many, especially since he was going through a very good period with the latter, and he always played a major role in matches, before joining Manchester United in the summer of 2017 for 40 million pounds.

But the Serbian star was not able to provide stable levels in the “Theater of Dreams”, although he met again with his former coach Jose Mourinho at United, as his level declined sharply in the last three seasons, and he is currently a third option in his position, behind Scott McTominay and Farid.


In the summer of 2018, Manchester United obtained the services of the Brazilian midfielder for 47 million pounds from Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine, who did not start well with the English team, as he appeared in only 17 games during his first season in the “Premier League”.

Soon, the Brazilian player’s situation gradually changed, as he is currently one of the constant options with coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but despite that he is still far from his real level, and there are real question marks about him about his importance to United.

Bruno Fernandez

It is considered one of the most successful deals concluded by Manchester United in recent years, as some thought it exaggerated, but with the passage of time the Portuguese player proved that he really deserves more than that, especially with his distinguished performance since his debut with the “Red Devils”.

During this season, the Portuguese star scored 16 goals and set up 10 other goals for his teammates during 30 Premier League matches, which are very special numbers for a midfielder, which is a strong candidate for the best player award in the competition at the end of the season.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

The English right-back has made good levels with Manchester United since joining its ranks in the summer of 2019, in exchange for 50 million pounds for Crystal Palace, as he mainly plays with the team.

Despite his good level in defensive duties, he is under some criticism for his lack of attacking vitality compared to his position like Trent Alexander Arnold of Liverpool.

However, Bissaka’s attacking performance has improved this season, scoring two goals and assists in 27 Premier League matches.

Angel Di Maria

In the summer of 2014, Angel Di Maria arrived at Manchester United from Real Madrid for a record sum of 60 million pounds at the time, considering that he was one of the best playmakers at that time.

Unfortunately, Di Maria clearly failed with Manchester United, and was considered a losing deal for the “Red Devils”, despite his good start by scoring two goals and making the same in the first 4 games.

However, Di Maria was injured after that, and failed to enter the starting line-up, only to play 27 Premier League matches, scoring 3 goals, before leaving in the summer of 2015 to Paris Saint-Germain for 44 million pounds.

Romelu Lukaku

In the summer of 2017, United got him from Everton for 75 million pounds, before scoring 27 goals in 51 games during his first season,

But in the second season, his level clearly declined and he had only scored 15 goals in 45 games, and he seemed affected by his weight gain and poor physical fitness; What prompted United to abandon them in the summer of 2019 to Inter Milan, with whom they offer impressive levels so far, scoring 58 goals in 84 games.

Harry Maguire

When Manchester United signed him in the summer of 2019 from Leicester City for £ 80m, Maguire became the most expensive defender in history, and yet he at times seemed to be unworthy of the amount United had paid for him.

But in general, Maguire plays a constant role in the back line of coach Solskjaer’s team, and has shown his leadership character in many games, but at the same time he did not contribute to the same impact that Virgil van Dyck had on Liverpool’s defenses.

Paul Pogba

It is the most expensive deal in the history of Manchester United when he brought it from Juventus for 89 million pounds during the summer of 2016, after the distinguished levels he presented with the “old lady” for 4 consecutive seasons.

And Pogba failed greatly to make the same impact with Manchester United, but at the same time he had many wonderful glances, especially as he helped the “Red Devils” win the European League and League Cup in 2017.

And in the 2018-2019 season, Pogba enjoyed his best seasons in the “Theater of Dreams”, after he scored 16 goals in all competitions, and at the present time he seems very far from his level, especially since Bruno Fernandez has become the star of the first team.

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