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Round Bottle Cooling Tower – For All Those Advanced Cooling Requirements

In fact, cooling towers are most often considered as essential elements for the establishment of industries manufacturing petroleum refineries, petrochemicals, nuclear power plants; power generation, chemical treatment, air conditioning and natural gas treatment. These towers provide higher cooling levels which are crucial for the proper functioning of all industrial applications.

Broad industrial cooling towers are essential heat removal devices that release process waste heat into the atmosphere through an internal circulation system installed in the tower. This system absorbs all the heat from the interior and in doing so, emits the highest levels of cooling. The heat required to evaporate is derived from the water itself which cools it down in a process known as an evaporative cooling system. An excellent solution provider for all industrial applications, these towers have certainly come a long way, making it easy to reduce time and energy during installation. They represent a one-time investment and are extremely durable as they are made with heat resistant materials that can withstand high temperatures.

These towers are available in different sizes depending on industrial requirements; with a standard size which is 200 meters long and 100 meters wide. Economical and energy efficient devices, these towers are available in rectangular, round, cross-flow and fan bottle shapes and fill fewer cooling towers. The round bottle cooling tower, which is made from glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is highly resistant to corrosion and gives sufficient structural strength to the tower to be able to withstand high wind speed and vibration. These towers contain enough storage space intended for larger water storage for trouble-free, non-stop operation. The tower is built using devices that ensure non-stop operation consisting essentially of a fan, a fan motor, a water distribution system, fillings and a steel structure. . Corrosion resistant axial flow type, lightweight fan installed in the tallest part of the tower, provides high energy savings generating maximum airflow at minimum blade pitch angle. Lightweight PVC instead performs the best functions to generate high performance and corrosion resistance. These infills strike a perfect balance between heat transfer against minimal restriction of airflow. In addition, the steel structure of the fan brackets, motor brackets and other bolts are made of premium steel that can withstand any internal activity.

Round bottle cooling towers have been highly appreciated by users in the industry due to their advantages of being durable, cost effective and long lasting. This tower is available from many companies nowadays in all size specifications at incredible rates.

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