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Sagittarius for July 2011

This is the gear shifting phase, but you will likely feel a little self-protective at times when you gauge where your priorities lie and the best way forward. You probably feel that you have to think about other people’s feelings and tread carefully at certain times with specific people, but in general there will be effects that help you financially or emotionally, especially after the third when things become more intense or passionate in love relationships.

It can be a broad mental focus with lots of assumptions or projections into the future. But it is also a good time for higher education and information gathering. Close relationships can tie you to foreign lands and travel.

Collaborations can be productive and dynamic – you and someone can do business together as long as you understand each other’s needs and requirements and are looking for profitable and profitable solutions, as there can be a conflict of opinions or interests with the planet Mars here. It is advisable to collaborate with another person because their input can be valuable but there may be a need to tone down your voice and seek compromise, or be more assertive about your needs and requirements if you have a tendency to be extremely negative. Also try not to let someone else’s agenda interfere with your own agenda to the point of causing you to be stressed or put in danger.

Slow-moving planets:
For about 12 months, Jupiter opens up new employment opportunities in your solar energy scheme and also provides conditions that may improve health and well-being. You will have more enthusiasm for the daily routine and possibly develop new skills or interests. You may also be viewed as a communicator, teacher, or mentor. Benefits can come through coworkers and others who tend to recognize your abilities or appreciate your contribution. Business opportunities flow in your direction more easily during this stage, but you should avoid dispensing with too much or grabbing the first thing that comes, as the buyer tends to provide abundance wherever he goes, and you may have a wide range of options to choose from, but the risk is that you are spreading Yourself very sparingly, so you’ll need to separate the wheat from the chaff and get more regulation regarding work or health routines in order to take full advantage of Jupiter’s good vibes here.

Until late 2012, Saturn continued to demonstrate that certain social groups or friendships had transcended their importance. You might also be thinking completely differently about how to achieve goals that have been behind for so long at this point in your life’s journey. But Saturn will likely keep something you yearn for out of reach and you just have to be more disciplined and patient to make it happen. Saturn rules TIME so this is an area in which you must be most patient and persistent to achieve a dream or goal in a step-by-step incremental manner. Saturn, the builder planet, would help something very different slowly crystallize if you keep going. This is an area where you should manage your time well. Saturn loves structures, so build a firm foundation associated with a new social circle, a long-awaited dream or a worthy project that might have a reformist or unconventional character. The end result at the end of the crossing will be that you play a different role in the eyes of others, or be an entirely different group of others that you hang out with.

Uranus turns into Aries on March 12th to stay for 7 years, and you will be drawn to groups of people who broaden your awareness and teach you new and original things. There could be more fun on offer, more creative and unconventional encounters or the study of an odd subject like astrology. There may be a new friendship or love affair with a foreign person or someone from a completely different background. Uranus will stimulate your creative and free spirit and you’ll likely feel inspired, ready to take a leap of faith or creatively try a more liberating approach. Or, on another level, you merge your individual mind with a higher mind.

Saggies born in their first week and up to 7 grades of Saggie’s high will feel this vibration strongly this month.

Neptune temporarily turned into Pisces at the root of your chart on April 5th. This indicates that you will need to be more steadfast about boundaries with family members or those close to you – perhaps creating a private space for yourself at home or making a beautiful and spiritual sage born in a day or two or with the first day or two. Saggie’s highs will feel that vibration this month.

Over many years, Pluto has been developing you through the physical side of life. Do you feel more sensitive to other people’s control of money, possessions or possessions? Instead, do you feel like you want to have more control over these areas? Ultimately, you will discover where the balance lies for you and follow this star. Saggies born from November 26th to December 2nd or 3-8 degrees high will feel this vibration this month.

Of the 23, adventurous vibration is when you are attracted to unusual areas which can teach you a lot but strive to satisfy the needs and requirements of others and not let them get tired.

Source by Diana Garland

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