Sarah Palin hints at Alaska Senate race against Republican Lisa Murkowski

Former Alaska governor and Republican running mate Sarah Palin has hinted at running for the U.S. Senate.

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“If God wants me to do it, I will,” Palin recently told Che Ahn, leader of the New Apostolic Reformation movement, according to Right wing guard, a progressive advocacy group and images job to social media.

Palin would run against Lisa Murkowski, a Republican who has not been as firm in her support for Donald Trump as most other GOP members in Congress.

“I would say you better be there for me this time because a lot of people weren’t there for me last time around,” Palin told her Christian audience, referring to her plight as running mate. John McCain in 2008.

Palin was an unknown when McCain picked her to run against Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The campaign was a disaster for the Republican Party as Palin was widely laughed at for his ignorance and perceived ineptitude at a heartbeat from the presidency. Obama clearly won.

But Palin’s rise to power is now seen as a key moment on Donald Trump’s path to presidency.

Her stint on the national stage foreshadowed both the anti-tax Tea Party movement and the rise of the ex-New York reality TV host, who has been impeached twice and whose time in the White House has been shattered. ended with the murderous assault on the Capitol on January 6 in the service of his lies about electoral fraud.

In discussing a possible Senate race, Palin dismissed a Republican woman already in the race and approved by Trump.

Palin said she had “never heard of” Kelly Tshibaka, a state official who targeted Murkowski because of his vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial, for inciting the January 6 riot.

Murkowski’s vote earned him formal censorship from the Alaska Republican Party. She is an experienced senator and activist, having won her seat in 2010 as a written candidate against a Republican aligned with the Tea Party movement.

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Palin has appeared with Trump over the years, but hasn’t been a consistent national political presence since she stepped down as governor of Alaska in 2009.

Speaking to Ahn, she claimed to have been persecuted by her political enemies and said, “There is a difference between quitting smoking and saying enough is enough.

Palin said she would pray for a possible Senate election. She also said that “America is dedicated to God” and that the American left is trying to “fundamentally transform the nation that belongs to God”.

“How dare we take what is His from God and say we’re going to do with it what we want to do with it?” ” she asked.


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