Saudi Arabia .. Arrest warrant for content publisher inciting intolerance against indigenous peoples

The Saudi Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the arrest of a person who published information that incites tribal intolerance, hatred and hatred in society by posting false information on social networks that incites tribal conflicts.

An official prosecutor’s source confirmed that, according to the information documented by the Parliamentary Observatory on the dissemination of informational content via social media, it is a series of satellite channels containing content that broadcasts indigenous intolerance and the spirit of hatred and hostility among members of the Society and undermines national cohesion and the unity of the fabric. The public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant based on Articles 15 and 17 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and immediately referred it to the public prosecutor.

The source stressed that posting content that spreads the spirit of hatred and hatred and provokes hideous tribal intolerance through the means of communication is viewed as a violation of public order and as one of the main crimes that require arrest and which may involve up to Fined five years is imprisonment and a fine of three million rials, under Article 6 of the Anti-Cybercrime Act.

The same source indicated that prosecutors will firmly and vigorously apply the rules to violations of the rules and anything that constitutes a crime, under threat of criminal liability.


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