Saudi Arabia .. Details of the crime committed by the terrorist who killed the security guard with 14 bullets

problematic Saudi Interior MinistryToday, Wednesday, a statement was issued on the execution of the death sentence against Hayel Al-Atwi, a member of the terrorist organization ISIS and accused of killing a security guard in the Tabuk region in response to the organization’s instructions to target the military.

He was also accused of belonging to the organization, pledging allegiance to its leader, supporting its acts of terrorism and adopting its ideas.

Crime details

On November 20, 2016, Al-Atwi shot and killed a security guard, Corporal Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Rashidi (25), who worked in one of the sectors of the Ministry of Defense, on his way to work.

On November 23, 2016, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior announced that the security authorities had succeeded in identifying and arresting the perpetrator.

He also stated at the time that the defendant was a Saudi citizen in his thirties, called Hayel bin Zaal bin Muhammad al-Atwi, and had a submachine gun confiscated from him, which laboratory tests had shown to be the crime to be the weapon acted.

14 balls

In addition, the Interior Ministry stated that the killer carried out his crime with 14 bullets, suggesting that he adopted the ideology of ISIS. She said the perpetrator did not know the victim personally but was looking for a soldier or security guard to kill him. Al-Rasheed met him on the street and was shot with his Kalashnikov.

Security sources also revealed at the time that the perpetrator was arrested in an undisclosed location where he was hiding and found that 7 other people were arrested in connection with the crime.

The sources added at the time that Al-Atwi had recently hardened and adopted ISIS terrorist ideology and that one of his four brothers died in a murder a few years ago.

Al-Rashidi security guard from IS terrorist Al-Atwi. was killed

Issued death sentence

In September 2018, the Special Criminal Court issued a preliminary ruling against seven Saudi defendants after they were found guilty of martyrdom by Al-Rashidi.

The court also unanimously decided to establish the crime of marital crime against the defendant and to detain the second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh defendants with between two and six years’ imprisonment after her conviction for failing to inform the security authorities , cover them up and participate in an attempt to mislead the security authorities.

Saudi interior

Saudi interior

The perpetrator’s family convicted

Nasser Al-Rashidi, the father of the martyr Abdullah, said that his son had not quarreled with anyone and praised his good manners in dealing with others, which indicated that he wanted to get married.

On the other hand, the Sheikh of the Bani Attia tribe, Sheikh Mansour bin Harb al-Atwi, condemned the terrorist incident, stressing that the perpetrator had committed a crime not recognized by religion, and expressed his regret and condemnation for this terrorist incident the members of the Bani Attia tribe.


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