Saudi Arabia exceeds 19 million doses of corona vaccine distribution

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the distribution of more than 19 million doses of the corona vaccine, so far given through more than 587 vaccination sites in all regions of the kingdom.

And Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah told Al-Arabiya broadcaster last month that 14 million people in the kingdom had received a dose of the vaccine. So and with The release of the data today, Wednesday, shows a positive escalation in the numbers.

Al-Rabiah added, “We will start giving the second dose of the vaccine as soon as it becomes available in large quantities,” stressing the determination of the Kingdom leadership to provide highly effective vaccines.

In late May, Saudi Arabia announced that by then 40% of the population had received at least one dose of the corona vaccine as part of the vaccine distribution to restore normal life and cope with the pandemic.

The Saudi Ministry of Health has confirmed that the second dose of the anti-coronavirus vaccine is available in all parts of the Kingdom for adults aged 60 and over.

The Ministry of Health made the second dose available to other groups through a Corona Vaccine Operations Platform circular at the Ministry’s Command and Control Center.


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