Saudi Arabia has kept pace with technological developments in the preservation of historical documents and sources

Saudi Arabia has taken an interest in archiving and digital preservation and has sought to take full advantage of information and communication technologies to preserve the archive in the service of knowledge building for societies and information investment, digital transformations and the tremendous development in the collection of information and documents where documentary sources are a historical treasure and an integral part of the civilizations of nations and their history.

On June 9th of each year, the world celebrates World Archives Day, because the archive represents a very important position, and the desire to develop it and expand its trends, as well as to support it with modern technologies to accommodate the large amount of information and documents .

According to the Saudi press agency “SPA”, the “Archives Day”, approved by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization “UNESCO” through the International Council on Archives, is an opportunity to enhance the mechanisms of cooperation between archival institutions around the world To strengthen the world, to raise the level of its archiving practices and to spread the documentary culture in all parts of society and to raise the social awareness of documents and records and the importance of their preservation and the correct handling of them as well as the awareness of decision-makers in countries of the World about the added value of documents and records in promoting patriotism, belonging, leadership and development of government agencies and sectors.

Archiving efforts

Archiving of historical sources

The King Abdulaziz Foundation has taken the greatest care in archiving historical resources and has observed international standards, as the General Department for Conservation and Availability in the department handles all processes related to the archiving of all forms of historical resources in the department, whether in paper form, Photo, film or sound through the archiving department.
The house contains a large number of local and international historical paper documents on national history, the history of the Arabian Peninsula, and Arabic and Islamic history, as well as a sophisticated manuscript hall that preserves groundbreaking Saudi, Arabic and Islamic intellectual achievements. and an integrated archive of historical photos and films. It represents an indispensable information base for any researcher or specialist, which he can refer to and benefit from in all studies that rely on archival material.

From archiving efforts

Archive audio and video recordings

Through this division, the division works on archiving audio and video recordings of the division to monitor the oral history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to expand researchers’ extensive knowledge of events and experiences, and to offer other historical sources and to allow students to study social issues that were history.It was written away due to the priorities of scientific surveillance and research at the time, such as: the arts and practices of agriculture and their timing, crafts, Travel and Transportation, Motherhood and Childhood, Health Matters, and other rare historical paper sources primarily dealing with political and military issues.

In a work spanning more than a quarter of a century, the King Abdulaziz House’s current result for available interviews has reached nearly 7,000 oral interviews, adding value to the movement of scientific research, classification and archiving.

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