Saudi Arabia. New recommendations during Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr

The competent authorities in Saudi Arabia have finalized their recommendations for precautionary measures in the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, and has learned that the recommendations have been closed by a ministerial committee that includes the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health Islamic Affairs, Legal Affairs and Advice, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Local, Rural and Housing Affairs and in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior. “

These actions focused on stopping the establishment of buffets in restaurants and hotels, suspending the I’tikaaf and Ramadan breakfast trip in mosques and mosques, and recommending the opening of shopping malls for shopping malls around the clock to raise awareness of the importance of compliance to further sharpen the precautionary and preventive measures against the coronavirus.

The tasks of the recommendations were distributed to the ministries concerned, in which the Ministry of Islamic Affairs is responsible for suspending Iftar and Suhur’s journey to mosques and mosques, suspending I’tikaaf and expanding places for oath prayers to prepare awareness messages in order to take preventive measures.

The Ministry of Local, Rural Affairs and Housing is responsible for the suspension of the establishment of buffets in restaurants, the Ministry of Tourism for the suspension of the establishment of buffets in hotels and the Public Health Agency “Weqaya” update the protocols regarding the mechanism of the Packaging and delivery of requests for outside restaurants “preprocessing – waiting in the car” at the same time. In which the municipalities intensify the rounds of surveillance at meetings in public parks, control violations, tighten the controls, meetings in unlicensed stadiums within the city limits and control violations.

Recommendations also included a circular allowing stores in malls and shopping malls to work 24 hours a day, with adherence to preventive measures being important and the media knowing the importance of following the procedures at the morning breakfast tables on Eid al-Fitr .


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