Saudi Arabia .. Preparation of 58 tunnels and 59 bridges in Mecca in preparation for the Hajj

The network of tunnels and bridges in Mecca and the Holy Places forms an important backbone of the traffic movement and connects the areas and districts of the Holy Capital with its main and bypass roads.

In this regard, the spokesman for the Secretariat of the Holy Capital, Raad Al Sharif, told Al that there are 58 tunnels in Mecca and the holy places.

He added that “the affected departments in the Secretariat have completed their preparations, increased efficiency and are ready to receive the pilgrims, including checkpoints, ventilation fans, fire pumps, backup generators, humidity and gas sensors and viewing devices.”

He continued, “59 bridges have also been fitted, including 20 at Mashaer, 6.6 km long and covering an area of ​​255,000 square meters,” noting that “the municipality oversees the operation and maintenance of all elements” . Network through a specialized technical staff, consisting of engineers, supervisors and specialized technicians, with the aim of providing pilgrims with the best service and creating all the conditions that guarantee pilgrims comfort and tranquility at all times.


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