Saudi Defense catches a booby-trapped march on Khamis Mushait. from

Today, Thursday, the Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen announced that the Saudi Defense had booby-trapped and destroyed a drone shot down by the Houthi militia in the direction of Khamis Mushait.

The coalition stressed the “frustration of All hostile attempts by the Houthi militia towards civilians and civil objects.

The coalition also confirmed that it had taken “operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objects from enemy attacks”.

The fall of a Houthi march in Asir last Sunday (archive)

The coalition announced last Monday that the air defenses A booby-trapped drone intercepted and destroyed The Houthi terrorist militia shot them at Khamis Mushait.

And last Sunday, the deputy media spokesman for the Directorate for Civil Defense in the Asir region, Captain Abdulaziz Al-Jalban, said that the civil defense had a report on The case of a projectile fired by the Houthi militia The Iran-backed terrorist from the interior of Yemeni territory towards one of the governorates of the Asir region.


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