Saudi Environment is stepping up work to combat “disease vectors” during the Hajj season

The Saudi Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture has been working with the relevant authorities to intensify its efforts to control disease vectors in the Holy Capital and its neighboring governorates through soil spraying, exploration and pre- and post-spraying entomological studies on cattle barn sites. Dams, water treatment plants, farms and swamps.

According to the Saudi press agency “SPA”, the general director of the branch office of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Mecca Al-Mukarramah, Ing.Saeed bin Al-Ghamdi, said that the ministry is helping to improve the level of environmental hygiene and control of disease vectors during the Hajj season through the use of appropriate equipment, noting that these procedures are carried out annually as per the operational plan to serve pilgrims in holy places such as Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina, be it in the Holy Capital or in the surrounding governorates .

For his part, the director of the Ministry in the Holy Capital, engineer Ahmed Al-Qarni, stated that a joint campaign with the Secretariat of the Holy Capital, represented by the Department of Environmental Hygiene, and between the Office of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the Holy Capital, represented by the Center for Disease Vectors, to step up research, spraying and control of disease-carrying mosquitoes in the Holy Places to maintain the health and safety of pilgrims before the Hajj for the year 1442 AH.


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