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Scaffold tower review: the Miniscaff folding scaffold tower

Scaffolding towers are important accessories for many commercial, industrial, and even DIY applications. A scaffold tower is often a better (and safer) choice than a ladder because it is more stable and can support more weight. In a commercial or industrial environment, these towers allow workers to get on and off safely, even when carrying tools and materials. Working on a scaffolding tower is less tiring than working on a ladder, and there is very little chance of going too far. They are equipped with guardrails and plinths, two other features that make them safer than ladders. Here’s some info on a popular model, the Miniscaff Folding Scaffolding Tower.

Scaffolding towers: About Miniscaff

Unlike ladders, scaffolding towers provide an additional measure of safety for those who use them. The Miniscaff is made from 2 “diameter steel tubing and has a maximum safe platform working load of 275 kg. The maximum safe working load is the combined weight of the user and the operator. any tools or materials used on the tower. The Miniscaff is included with a set of one-piece folding plinths. This tower is particularly easy to assemble and disassemble, saving time and labor It comes down to a manageable size that fits easily into a station wagon or small van. For ease of assembly, components are color coded in red and blue.

Scaffolding towers: Miniscaff features

The base of scaffold towers like the Miniscaff can be used on its own or increased by adding additional elevators, which in turn will give more platform heights. Another key feature is that the Miniscaff is fully compliant with the important BS1139: Part 6 1994 standard for prefabricated tower scaffolding. It also complies with HD1004 (also known as BS1139: Part 3 1994). These are two pan-European standards accepted in all EU countries. Components include a collapsible base unit, frames, guardrails, hatch decks, horizontal braces, diagonal braces, toe boards, stabilizers and locking casters.

Scaffolding towers: some specifications of the Miniscaff folding tower

Unlike many other scaffolding towers, the Miniscaff is reasonably priced around £ 700. It has a working height of 5.6m, a platform height of 3.6m and a length of 1.8m. The low tower width makes it compact and easy to store. The safe working load of the tower is 275 kg per platform, up to a maximum of 950 kg per tower. Before erecting the tower, perform an inspection of all components to make sure they are in good condition and serviceable. Replace any damaged or incorrect component. If the tower should be damaged during use, stop work immediately. Do not use the tower until it is repaired. Make sure that the surface the tower is erected on is smooth, flat, and able to support it. Adjustable feet should be used for leveling. Stabilizers should always be deployed when needed.

Scaffolding towers like the Miniscaff offer safe working at height solutions.

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