Screening those who qualify for Hajj this year

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Deputy Secretary of State for Hajj and Umrah Services, Engineer Hisham Saeed, confirmed that the Ministry is working to weed out those who qualify for the Hajj and to send text messages to those who meet all health standards, Meet conditions and controls.

He said in a statement to the Saudi press agency “SPA” that the number of registered pilgrims in the first phase was 558,000 electronic inquiries from citizens and residents within Saudi Arabia, with men reaching 51% and women 49 %, indicating that requests were processed within ten working days by the Hajj and Umrah Data Center, which employs Saudi cadres, young men and women who have been rehabilitated and trained.

Ing.Hisham confirmed that the Ministry has been working on the application of the electronic way for registration in Hajj and Umrah for years, as it is constantly developing the Ministry’s strategy for the use of technology, referring to a number of health standards approved and approved by the Ministry of Health programmed electronically through coordination and establishment. Permanent workshops with all relevant authorities.

He urged pilgrims to observe all health requirements and precautions to keep their safety.


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