“Sedaya” launches the Ihsan platform to promote community service in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Agency for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SADAA) today launched the National Platform for Nonprofit (Ihsan) as part of its efforts to support charitable donations in the Kingdom with the participation of the Monitoring Committee represented by the Ministries of (Home Affairs, Justice) ins Called to Life, Finance, Health, Community and Rural Affairs and Housing, Human Resources (social development, education), the Presidency for State Security, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and the Digital Government Authority.

“Sadaa” also launched a media campaign under the name #Ehsan_Ehsan, through which all participating parties, the relevant authorities and beneficiaries interact to convey the platform to all parts of society.

By developing the Ehsan platform, SADAYA would like to support development projects, improve their integration and set up an integrated technical system for the control, administration and sustainability of donations.

National donation platform

Ihsan is a national fundraising platform that offers many services and programs, bringing together national platforms that deal with giving at the Kingdom level as they play an essential role in and will help nonprofit and non-profit institutions and societies to do so to achieve your goals.

It will also help to strengthen social responsibility in general, improve the efficiency of development work, and enhance the values ​​of national belonging and humanitarian work for individuals and institutions alike. The platform also offers an advanced and progressive mechanism that increases the level of reliability, transparency and ease of fundraising and will help organize and spread the culture of development work. The platform will also make it its business to regularly honor those who distinguish themselves through development donations.

Abdullah bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi, Chairman of the Saudi Agency for Data and Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Abdullah bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi, thanked and thanked the wise leadership for their determination to maximize the utility and value of the nonprofit and nonprofit sector, which expresses its delight at the launch of the Ihsan platform Will support the Kingdom’s prestigious position in charitable giving worldwide as it ranks 50th in the Global Giving Report by the UK-based Charitable Aid Foundation (CAF), strengthening the charitable giving sector as the The volume of donations to NGOs affiliated with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development was 2.6 billion per year, up from SAR 93 per person per year.

Humanitarian work

He pointed out that the platform will help preserve the efforts of donors and philanthropists, and will also help overcome donors’ difficulties in making bank transfers to nonprofits, while also helping the organization support payment gates for electronic donations that make it easier to monitor and track all donation processes and improve monitoring. You need to make sure they go to those who deserve them, in addition to the interest they are giving the donor, and step up communications with them to keep them updated on the latest developments related to donation rules and regulations in the kingdom and introduce them to the various channels through which they can support their favorite organization or institution.

He stated that by developing the (Ihsan) platform, “Sadaya” aims to improve the values ​​of humanitarian work for members of society by integrating and maximizing their benefits with various government agencies, strengthening and expanding the non-profit sector The platform activates the role of social responsibility in the private sector and contributes to increasing reliability and transparency. For charity and development work, the platform also supports various non-profit organizations in developing their financial resources and facilitates the donation process for those looking for good by integrating with the rest of the platforms and informing them about the different donation areas that are available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are available in one place.

Organization and coordination of community service

The Mufti of the Kingdom, Chairman of the Council of Senior Scientists, Director General of Academic Research and Ifta, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh, praised the initiative of the Ihsan Platform and the role it will play in organizing and coordinating nonprofits Working and pooling the efforts of the non-profit organizations in relation to the diversity of their specializations and their different areas and projects under one roof With the aim of working on their development, investing their energies, organizing the beneficiaries, setting their priorities and on theirs Working towards achieving their needs better and more optimally.

He pointed out that the (Ihsan) Platform aims to improve the values ​​of community service for community members by integrating with and maximizing the benefits of various government agencies, strengthening the community service sector and expanding its contribution in the community service area to it work to spread the culture of donation and strengthen social cohesion among parishioners, thereby making all members of society contribute to community service to achieve the trait of cooperation and solidarity that is needed among Muslims.

For his part, Ihsan Abdulaziz Al Hammadi platform CEO said that (Ehsan) was working to bring many different products to market soon. Maximizing the impact of community and community service based on the power of data and technology with the great authority of “SADAYA” represented by the national database contained therein. The platform also aims to improve and maximize integration with various government agencies, and to date Ihsan has served more than 60 government and charities, offering more than 200 opportunities in a variety of fields and locations, one of which benefits more than 100,000 people.


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