Seychelles … the first country in the world to achieve “herd immunity” will allow tourists to visit 1

The authorities in the Republic of Seychelles announced that, starting from March 25, they will allow all travelers to enter its territory without a condition to obtain a Corona vaccine, except for those coming from South Africa, according to the meeting room of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

Site “Euro NewsHe pointed out that the Republic of Seychelles has become the first country in the world to achieve herd immunity, thanks to donations Vaccines I got from UAE and India.

Seychelles has successfully countered the Coronavirus

Seychelles is a small island located on the east coast of Africa, with a population of about 100 thousand people.

While the rapid and decisive spread of vaccines contributed to making the Republic of Seychelles one of the countries that limit the spread of the disease.

According to Forbes magazine, Seychelles “has done a wonderful job in controlling the outbreak of the Corona virus within its borders and putting in place safety measures. To allow visitors to return safely”, without the need for the “digital green passport” that some countries seek to impose on travelers.

According to Forbes, in January Seychelles began vaccinating its population with 100,000 doses of the Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine, donated by India, and 50,000 doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, donated by the United Arab Emirates. The Seychelles economy relies heavily on tourism.

WHO opposes “vaccination passports”

For its part, the World Health Organization expressed its lack of support for the issuance of “vaccine passports”, one day after the European Commission presented the draft “digital green passport” to the Commission’s Legal Committee, to consider the mechanisms for its approval.

The European Director of the World Health Organization, Hans Kluge, said today, Thursday: We are at this stage not encouraging the principle that the vaccine against the Corona virus is what determines whether a person can move between countries or not.

Hans continued his speech by saying: “We strongly encourage, as with any vaccine, the existence of documents, whether paper or digital, and this is the reason that the World Health Organization (WHO) is working on (issuing) a smart digital certificate, but this is something different from the passport Travel (vaccination), “as he put it.

Kluge also explained that the main reason for his organization’s failure to support vaccination passports is “ethical,” given the global shortage of vaccine doses, and said, “So this will increase inequality.”

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