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Marriage is a union and a bond between two people, and with it each of them has duties, rights and responsibilities towards each other. Marriage is the basis of society as it provides security and stability for all its members, and in all the different stages of life. Therefore, choosing a life partner is one of the most important difficult decisions that are taken through forming A realistic idea about the qualities of the right person or what is known as the ideal husband, says Dr. Medhat Abdel Hadi, an expert on marital relations. Marriage embodies all feelings of love and affection, as it is the relationship in which two parties meet to establish the first interface of society, which is the family. A perfect husband, we all share good and bad qualities at the same time, but there are key qualities that women look for in a man when it comes to choosing a life partner. Among these characteristics are the following:


Honesty: Women love a man who is honest even in the simplest of things, and this increases her respect for him and her trust in him.

Security: Women want to feel safe and have peace of mind with a partner who can protect them at all times.

Confidence: A woman is looking for a man she can trust at all times, especially when she needs something, and she also wants him to be confident that what she is doing is right and better as well.

Sense of Humor: Women are very attracted to men who have both a sense of humor and a mind.

Commitment: Women are looking for a committed man who takes the relationship very seriously.

Love and respect: It is important for a woman to be loved and respected by her partner, and at the same time to be respected and appreciated by others.

Ambition: Women are looking for a passionate man who has the ambition and perseverance to pursue his dreams.

Admitting mistakes: The woman is looking for an honest man who admits his mistakes, and follows them up with a sincere apology.

Respect for principles and values: A woman is looking for a man who respects her principles and values, and does not necessarily agree with her on every topic she raises, but that he shows respect towards her position.

Authentic traits


Giving: A woman is looking for a generous man who sometimes surprises her with simple things for nothing in return.

Loyal: It is important for a woman that the man she will relate to is loyal and loyal to her.

the responsibility:

Women are looking for a man who is able to manage things without recklessness, for example spending money in the right way. His appropriate choice of wife, and making sure that she is close to him in thought and attention, to significantly reduce the tension and turmoil in their relationship.

He is keen to strengthen the bonds of love between him and her and seeks to preserve the most important pillars of an ideal marriage, which is friendship and love.

He is keen on his kindness to his wife, so that he overflows with honesty and sincerity, and flows of sacrifice and heroism, and flows of love and tenderness, that achieves her warmth and security, and provides her with care and happiness.

To be keen on understanding, and not to take what he wants with fanaticism and violence, but rather with understanding and dialogue. He is careful not to burden her with what she cannot handle, and helps her with homework.

To imitate the presence of the Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – as the husband imitates the commandment of the Holy Prophet by saying: “Treat women well.” He makes sure to hear her soft, sweet words, and to make the idea that he loves her and misses her when he is away from her.



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