Sydney is preparing for the worst floods in decades! Evacuation of residents and rain warnings described as a “national disaster”

Sydney City prepares AustralianSunday, March 21, 2021, to face the worst floods in decades, after record amounts of rain, which led to flooding of dams, and prompted the authorities to carry out massive evacuations.

The Australian Emergency Department has ordered residents of low-lying areas in parts of the city to move away, due to a potentially “life threatening” situation in New South Wales, according to Agence France-Presse.

The authorities also said that the “Waragamba” dam, which provides a large part of drinking water For Sydney It flooded Saturday afternoon, and flooding is expected at the highest level since 1961 in the Hawkesbury River.

Justin Robinson, an official in the Office of Meteorological Services, said, “This may be one of the largest floods that we have not seen in a long time.”

As a result, many evacuations took place as the water level rose, and about four thousand additional people may be required to leave their homes in the coming days, according to the French news agency.

In this context, Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Services in the state, Dean Story, stressed that those in the areas prone to flooding “should leave immediately.” Indeed, many evacuees began to gather in centers in the north of the city, on Saturday, with heavy rains in the area .

The Emergency Department has also received more than 7,000 calls, asking for help, and has carried out 650 rescue operations since Thursday. She was forced to request reinforcements from other states.

Sydney braces for its worst floods in decades and sends out warnings to residents – Reuters

The authorities also issued warnings of flood risks and evacuation orders to about 13 areas in New South Wales, with high levels of rivers and accumulation of rain, which posed a danger.

In turn, the state’s chief minister, Gladys Prejiklian, expressed her concern about “something that only happens once in a century” and was described as a national disaster.

The weather is expected to worsen again on Monday in northern Sydney, before improving later in the week, according to the Meteorological Department.

Climate expert Agata Imelska said that the situation “will remain dangerous”, expecting more rainfall in record quantities in the coming days.

Australia is set to start the first major phase of its public vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus on Monday, but floods could lead to delays in the Sydney area.

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