Take the vaccine so we can safely pray in our mosques

The Minister for Islamic Affairs, Advocacy and Guidance in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdul Latif Al Al-Sheikh, affirmed that those who had legitimate reasons to prevent the coronavirus should take vaccines and urged everyone to take responsibility so that people pray in the mosques in peace and security.

It did so in a tweet on his Twitter account urging everyone to take vaccines that doctors and specialists had agreed to be reliable and effective in immunizing against the epidemic.

He added, “Let us all be responsible to keep everyone healthy and pray in peace and security in our mosques.”

In addition, the minister’s tweet was among the dozen of tweets he constantly runs through his account to keep up with the state’s efforts to fight the coronavirus epidemic, and through which he emphasizes the importance of the reasons to do for the prevention of the epidemic and to take preventive measures as required by the various government agencies.


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