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Taurus Horoscope – Personality Traits and Compatibility Level

This zodiac sign comes from the constellation Taurus and it is the second sun sign in the zodiac calendar. It is an introverted, negative and feminine sign that is symbolized by Taurus. It reports to the second house and is ruled by the planet Venus. People born from April 20 to May 20 are included in this zodiac sign. Taurus individuals make great loving, stale, and compassionate friends. They are very reliable people and self-control and dignity are their greatest strengths.

If you need more information about Taurus, surely you should read the information provided below.

Characteristic traits

Positive Traits: They are creative, kind, reliable, fun-loving, honest, generous, loving, purposeful, stable, patient and placid. They enjoy a safe and loving environment.

Negative Traits: Very easily anger, greedy, resentful, complacent, possessive, jealous, lazy and stubborn.

Like and dislike

Likes: They like to be independent and live a secure life. They love nature and everything associated with it. They love gardening, delicious food, and big ticket items.

Dislikes: They dislike manipulative people or being controlled. Ugliness, change and betrayal are also not tolerated by them.

Important facts

Ruling planet: Venus

Dominant Element: Earth

House: Second house

Lucky day: Monday and Friday

Lucky Stone: Turquoise

Lucky number: 6, 15, 51

Lucky color: Blue

Romantic relationship

Love is a very important aspect of a Taurus personality as it is ruled by Venus. They can be very jealous and possessive in a romantic relationship. They are sentimental people who love to marry and settle down with the one they really love. They are very dedicated and loyal and they expect the same from their partners. Their married life is very peaceful, and the best love match for them is Capricorn and Virgo.

Money matters

They have great respect for personal values, which is why money does not play a very important role in their life. They earn a lot of money but they like to spend it on materialistic things.

Appropriate career options

They are very good craftsmen and very industrious people. They are ambitious, practical, obedient, and reliable, which is why they usually get what they want in life. Some of the professional fields for which they are suitable are medicine, agriculture, industry, architecture and chemistry.

Well above are all the points that would provide you with the information you need about Taurus.

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