Tel Aviv intends to build a “biblical garden” above the Jerusalem market

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its rejection of an Israeli project plan aimed at establishing a “biblical garden” for settlers on the roofs of the historic markets in Jerusalem, including planting trees and placing recreational games for settlers, which the Israeli municipality announced on Wednesday.

This attempt comes at a time when the Israeli government is also seeking to evacuate the “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhood in the city of Jerusalem, where more than 500 Jerusalemites live in more than 28 homes.

“Falsifying the holy city landmarks”

In a press release, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned the plan, saying that it “falls within the framework of a Judaization war waged by Israel against Jerusalem and its citizens and sanctities.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the project would change the appearance of the roofs of these markets, as part of a policy aimed at falsifying the city’s landmarks.

In addition, the project will work to “change the features of the roofs of the ancient historical markets,” according to the statement of the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, noting that this matter is not only a “crime for which international law is held accountable, but is a disregard for the decisions of the United Nations and its specialized organizations, and an Israeli mockery of the international community and its legitimacy.” “.

She pointed out that the international silence on Israeli crimes is a “loss of what remains of the international community’s credibility in its dealings with the occupation.”

Targeting Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

At the same time, dozens of Jerusalemite families are under threat of expulsion at any moment from their homes Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood Adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in the city of Jerusalem, as part of the Israeli plans aimed at “Judaizing and capturing” the Holy City, and emptying it of the Palestinians.

This famous neighborhood in Jerusalem is inhabited by more than 500 Jerusalemites in more than 28 homes, and they are currently threatened with eviction and eviction at any moment from their homes, and handing them over to settlers and settlement associations, after the recent Israeli Central Court decision, rejecting an appeal filed by three Palestinian families living in the neighborhood Against the Israeli Magistrates Court’s decision to vacate their homes.

In order to make the voice of these residents heard, a number of Palestinians began tweeting under the tag “Save Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood”, as part of the initial preparation for the popular campaign, by affirming the Palestinians’ right to their homes and homes that the occupation wants to settle with the land, as part of the settlement plans aimed at emptying the city of Jerusalem Occupied from its indigenous population, and the establishment of settlement projects.

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