Texas medical assistant says he learned of his daughter’s death from one of his classmates who was ‘covered in blood’

Flowers are placed on a makeshift memorial in front of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, May 25, 2022.Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

  • A Texas father told CNN his daughter was killed in Tuesday’s mass shooting while trying to call police.

  • Amerie Joe Garza, 10, was one of 21 people killed in an attack at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

  • “How do you look at that little girl and shoot her?” said Angel Garza. “How do you shoot my baby?” »

A father whose 10-year-old daughter was killed in Tuesday’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, says he learned of her death when he arrived at the crime scene and met one of his friends.

Angel Garza, a medical assistant, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he started helping first responders as soon as he arrived at school.

Garza said he saw a little girl who was “just covered in blood” from “head to toe” and went to ask her if she was okay.

“She was hysterical saying they shot her best friend, they killed her best friend, she wasn’t breathing,” Garza said in tears. “That she was trying to call the cops. And I asked the little girl’s name and she said Amerie.”

When the 18-year-old suspect was inside Amerie Jo Garza’s school, the honor roll 4th grader attempted to call the police, Garza told CNN.

“She was trying to do the right thing,” her father said. “She was just trying to call the cops…and I guess he just shot her.”

Amerie had just received her phone two weeks earlier for her 10th birthday, Garza told Cooper, while clutching a framed photo of her daughter. Two students in her class confirmed to Garza that Amerie had tried to alert the authorities.

“She wanted a phone for so long and we finally got it for her,” Garza said in tears.

Garza told CNN that he and his wife had to try to explain Amerie’s death to their 3-year-old son. He asked the public to keep his wife in their prayers.

“Amerie had the best mother. She did everything she could for her daughter and she blames herself so much,” he said.

Garza said he wanted people to know that his daughter died trying to save her classmates.

“How do you look at that little girl and shoot her?” he said. “How do you shoot my baby?” »

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