The acquisition of $ 2.4 million from Pandora Finance helps lead an open financial protocol

Vohra believes that the gap between these two domains is one of the biggest challenges in the adoption of decentralized technologies. “We are in a unique position to solve the biggest problem,” he said, adding:

“In the real world, illiquid assets are around $ 300 trillion.” Pandora’s vision is to connect these off-chain assets with the on-chain ecosystem using an efficient business model. “

Pandora’s business model revolves around the tokenization of illiquid assets, which would allow them to trade and own them in a secure and decentralized manner. This is achieved through a middleware solution based on broken tokens, or NFT. Instead of competing with other NFT markets for liquidity, Pandora’s vision is to help them grow by providing them with more liquidity.

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Much work remains to be done than traditional finance – and the trillions of dollars that will be silenced there – can accept the decentralization promise of open funding. Lack of innovation and decades-old outdated systems can hinder the transition of traditional financial markets.

Vohra offered his company’s piNFT as a way to bring liquidity to real-world assets – which he considers essential for the flourishing of open financing:

“We at Pandora are working to increasingly support the adoption of open funding for our latest innovation.”


“There are many assets that our traditional financial institutions do not recognize.” When it comes to classifying and trading assets, there is centralization around decisions. Pandora will help end users broaden the horizon of recognizing real assets and inducing liquidity in them through piNFT. “

Pandora’s $ 2.4 million, completed in May, was attended by at least 15 organizations and several other angel investors. Participants included Genesis Block, AU21 Capital, Spark Digital and Protocol Ventures.

Pandora Finance, a decentralized platform for real-world assets covered by the NFT, recently completed a multi-million dollar round supported by some of the largest venture capital companies in the blockchain. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, CEO Pushkar Vohra presented his company’s vision – specifically how Pandora Finance aims to build a bridge between the illiquid world of real assets and blockchain.

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