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The best baby toys for entertainment and intelligence development

The best infant games for entertainment and intelligence development through Fun games for children at an early age are one of the very special things that help develop the child’s mental and intellectual skills and help build the child’s intelligence, so people and parents must be particularly interested In this matter, which is to bring all the games that help in this and that are suitable for different ages and should not be in line with the misconception that they are just games.

The importance of intelligence development games for infants

Continuous use of games by children helps to develop many distinctive skills that make a person alone in his real life, as these simple games may make the child have a very strong personality.

  • It makes the child able to identify the problems that exist in his life and be able to solve them in addition to making the child able to deal with the people around him and other children and thus become an efficient social person.
  • These games play a very big role in developing children’s motor skills, as well as mental and exploratory skills.

Best toys for babies from 1 to 12 months old

  • At this young age, the child needs games to help activate his senses, such as the sense of sight, the sense of touch, the sense of hearing. Therefore, mothers must be keen to organize games that help activate these senses, such as luminous games and games that show sounds and are given to the child, but they should not To be severe cause danger to the life of the child.
  • With the passage of age and the progress of the child in the process of development, it is necessary to provide games that suit the child’s mental and intellectual abilities.

Best toys for babies from 12 months to 24 months

  • As for this age, some games that are relatively large games and different shapes, such as cars and games that are pushed by the child and games of different shapes, installation and construction, as these things in general help to build the child’s muscles and also help to strengthen the ability His mentality and mentality.
  • The mother at this age must rely on presenting a set of toys of different shapes and colors to help the child be able to distinguish between these things that are important.

3D Amboli baby Store

The best baby toys for entertainment and intelligence development?

  • This toy is one of the very special and comprehensive toys for children in the young stage, especially the teething stage. It is made of 12 cubes of silicone so that the child can play with it and use it in a distinctive way during the teething process and constantly bite on it.
  • The most characteristic of this game is that it activates the child’s five senses, as it makes sounds, lights up and is soft when held, and it contains a set of numbers, colors, different letters and different animal shapes, all of these things help to develop the child’s different skills.

Wooden Montessori Toy From JUMRUN Store

The best baby toys for entertainment and intelligence development

  • Educational cubes that help your child perceive shapes. This game is one of the very special games that are very useful for the child as it helps to develop his intellectual skills by placing the pieces in the right place for them. The wooden pieces are very soft and colored in attractive colors for the child. Put each piece in its designated place.
  • This game’s official task is to do the process of concentration, arrangement, and appropriate selection of pieces.

Flashcards from Teytoy

?The best baby toys for entertainment and intelligence development

  • As for these flashcards made of very soft fabric to suit children’s texture, some letters of the English alphabet are clarified on them, and they also have a group of animals suitable for each letter. These flash cards are multi-colored and very distinctive that help children develop educational skills.

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