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The best types of gripe water for infants

The best types of gripe water for infants through the website. A very large number of mothers listen to this very famous word in the world of infants in particular, because strange water is the medicinal ingredient used to treat colic problems and the accumulation of gases for infants and young children and it is one of the medicines The safest and most widely used in particular.

Gharib water ingredients

This medicine consists of a group of very useful and effective herbal materials in getting rid of colic, gas and bloating that occur to the child in the first days in particular.

  • dill;
  • fennel;
  • Lemon balm.
  • ginger;
  • cinnamon;
  • latency.

One of the most important features that makes this medicine the perfect choice for all mothers to get rid of previous problems is that it is completely free of all preservatives, alcohol-containing substances and any other substances that may be harmful to the health of the child.

The best types of original Ghraib water

Before paying attention to identifying the best types of Gharib water available in the market, we must mention that there are some adulterated types that are not original and may contain substances harmful to the health of the child. Therefore, we must obtain the original type, in addition to that these types cannot be used by children. Before the age of six months at least, because the child’s digestive system may be weak and cannot tolerate this type of medication:

Mammy’s Bliss..the original Gharib water

  • This type is considered the most famous and most used by all mothers because it contains natural plant ingredients that do not contain any harmful substances such asGharib Water for Kids from Natural Zarbee Preservative, alcohol or sugar in addition to being rich in distinctive natural substances that help to treat the problem quickly.
  • It is considered one of the natural food supplements because it is very rich in some elements that are important for the child’s body, vegetable glycerin, citrus bioflavonoids extract, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, potassium sorbate (in the form of a preservative), and natural fennel flavor.
  • This type is completely free of preservatives and free of artificial colors and sugar.

Gharib Water for Kids from Natural Zarbee

Gharib Water for Kids from Natural Zarbee

  • As for this type, it is also distinguished and widely used, as it contains natural plant materials, the most famous of which are ginger, fennel, chamomile and lemon.
  • You must be aware of the ingredients that the child suffers from with severe allergies, because this medicine is completely free of substances that may cause allergies to the child, which are organic aloe vera syrup, natural flavors, citric acid, and potassium sorbate).

Gharib water «Green Beach» to treat colic

Gharib Water for Kids from Natural Zarbee

  • This type of special medicine to treat the problem of colic, bloating and stomach disorders, is considered one of the most powerful medicines used, as it is natural one by one, free of any harmful substances.
  • It contains many essential elements that are very important in maintaining the health of the child, such as sterols, fatty acids, flavonoids, glycosides and saponins.
  • The appropriate dose for all children of different ages must be identified by the specialist doctor so that the drug is given appropriately during the day and an overdose is not given.

Are there any harms to using strange water?

  • All types of al-Gharib water are very natural ingredients, so it must be safe for children, but some children show symptoms of allergy to the use of this medicine. Therefore, the mother must be very careful when using the medicine and read the instructions carefully.


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