The British Royal Family is considering appointing a “Diversity Officer” 1

She said The Guardian, Sunday 21 March 2021, The royal family is considering appointing an “official to manage the diversity file”, under new plans to modernize the monarchy’s handling of these issues.

This step comes after “Buckingham Palace” conducted a review of the policies, procedures and programs currently in place, and it was found that not enough progress has been made, with the recognition that “more needs to be done”, and in light of the continuing repercussions of the storm of the interview conducted by Prince Harry and his wife Megan, which raised Widespread controversy in the corridors of the royal court.

Megan and Harry interview

Megan had revealed, in the controversial interview, shocking details and secrets about the royal family in Britain, and the crises she faced during her stay in Buckingham Palace, opening fire to the palace, by talking about her suicidal thoughts, and the palace’s desire not to make her son Archie a prince because of The color of his skin, and a member of the royal family made a racist comment about the darkness of their infant son’s complexion, as well as their confirmation of the existence of rivalry within the family.

Meanwhile, Harry, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, complained about his family’s reaction to his decision and his wife to leave their official duties.

The allegations of racism inside Buckingham Palace were one of several exciting allegations in the interview in which the couple deliberately told everyone about what they considered bad treatment they were subjected to inside the royal palace.

Although the British newspaper pointed out that the ongoing work on “diversity issues” preceded Harry and Meghan’s interview, it confirmed that their recent comments would be taken into account, as is understood.

Whereas, the royal family’s assistants are reported to be conducting “listening and learning” exercises over the coming weeks, which will include speaking to a group of companies and individual contractors about how the monarchy can improve its image and representation, as part of the campaign that includes “Buckingham Palace” and Clarence House and Kensington Palace.

Work on file diversity

The steps to work on the diversity file also include issues of dealing with LGBTQ communities and raising the level of representation for people with disabilities, and it is said that these steps have the full support of the royal family. It aims to seek independent perspectives to help evaluate and improve the representation of the royal family’s image in relation to these issues, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

For his part, a royal source said, who refused to disclose himself: “This is an issue that is still being dealt with very seriously by all families within the royal family. More needs to be done, and we are always open to further improvement, ”adding:“ So we are not afraid to look for new ways to deal with this. The work to achieve this has been going on for some time and has the full support of the royal family. ”

In response to what was said about the possibility of appointing an official to manage the “diversity file,” according to what was first reported by The Daily Mail on Sunday 21 March 2021, the source indicated that this was something that should be really worked on, but it is too early to announce. Regarding any stable plans, he went on to say: “We are listening and learning, so that we can do it in the right way.”

Buckingham Palace said, in a statement, in response to allegations made in Harry and Meghan’s interview, that the issues raised, especially those related to racial discrimination, were “of concern.”

‘Crisis talks’

The statement came after two days of “crisis talks” between senior members of the royal family and palace aides on how best to deal with the interview’s repercussions.

It is noteworthy that Queen Elizabeth and the royal family had previously expressed, on Tuesday 9 March 2021, their feeling of sadness when they learned of the experiences that Prince Harry and Meghan had gone through, noting that they would address the issues related to race that the couple raised in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While not receiving “Buckingham PalaceAny prior warning about what the couple said, before the interview was broadcast on CBS, which was watched by more than 11 million British viewers, bringing the number of viewers who watched the meeting in the United States and Britain to nearly 30 million.

It is worth noting that Harry and Meghan caused a state of shock to the royal family in January 2020, after they suddenly announced their separation from the family and their pursuit of a new future in the United States.

It is noteworthy that press reports indicated that the royal “Buckingham Palace” had hired a legal firm to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of bullying against Megan.

CNN reported that the British Royal Palace’s resort to investigating the matter indicates that the royal family takes these allegations seriously and takes them into account, confirming that the company that will undertake the investigation has not been announced, and there will be no public comment on this step.

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