The Chinese vaccine against Corona has not shown the desired results in the UAE … Abu Dhabi is forced to give a third dose of it

The health authorities in the UAE began giving a third dose of the Chinese “Sinopharm” vaccine against the emerging corona virus to some of its residents, after doctors said that this vaccine did not produce sufficient antibodies in some cases.

G42 Healthcare, which coordinated the third phase of clinical trials of the “Sinopharm” vaccine in the UAE and other regions in the Middle East, said that “a specific group of people will be given a third dose to monitor the immune system response” as part of a scientific study.

But the company refused to reveal the reasons for giving this third dose and the number of people included, and referred the journalists’ questions to the UAE health authorities, which in turn did not respond to many requests for comment, according to the newspaper. The Wall Street Journal America, Friday 12 March 2021.

For her part, the spokeswoman for the UAE government for health affairs, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, said that “some people” received a third booster dose of the vaccine. She added that “the number is very small,” compared to the number who received the first and second doses, according to what was reported by the Emirati newspaper The National.

Eight people in Abu Dhabi said that they had received a third dose of the Chinese vaccine, after calling in the public health services for them in recent weeks, and they were all employees or contractors of government agencies in the UAE.

They indicated that they had not participated in any scientific study, had not undergone tests to detect antibodies, and one of them stated: “I did not get any reason or explanation when I was called up. I was only asked to come to take a booster dose.”

For her part, Dr. Nawal Al-Kaabi, the lead researcher in the Sinopharm vaccine trial, said in a short message in response to an inquiry about the third doses: “It is not official! It is not carried out according to a government routine.”

Two doctors in the UAE also said that some of the “Sinopharm” vaccine recipients among their patients and colleagues showed little or no response in terms of the level of antibodies developed after the second dose, and it is not clear to what extent the antibody tests measure the entire immune system response to the vaccine.

In turn, Dr. Sandeep Barji, a pulmonologist at Aster Hospital in Dubai, said that the application of the third dose of Sinopharm “has not happened according to a national policy yet,” and this dose was initially administered to people with multiple ailments, or did not develop sufficient antibodies yet. The first two doses.

Barge added, “The optimal time to receive the third dose is six months after the previous dose, when the antibodies developed after vaccination tend to recede a little.”

The UAE gives a third dose of the Chinese vaccine to some residents – Reuters

Questions about the Chinese vaccine

Last December, health officials in the UAE warned, in a closed-door meeting with government companies, that a third booster dose of the Chinese vaccine may be required for those who do not develop an adequate antibody response after the first and second doses, he revealed. People were present.

It is known Chinese vaccine Adopted by the UAE on behalf of BBIBP-CorVIt is known by its brand name “Sinopharm vaccine”, and it is one of two vaccines developed by Sinopharm (China National Pharmaceutical Group).

The Sinopharm vaccine differs from a vaccine CoronaVac The other Chinese produced by the biopharmaceutical company Sinovac, about which one Chinese scientific study was published in the scientific journal The Lancet.

Also, the Sinovac vaccine underwent a third phase of trials in different countries, as data from recent trials in Turkey and Indonesia showed that the vaccine was 91.25% and 65.3% effective, respectively.

But with regard to the Sinopharma vaccine, which is adopted by the Gulf states, she disagreed China The scientifically recognized protocol last summer by offering an experimental injection to its citizens, unlike Western vaccine makers, who waited for trials to show that their products were safe and effective. Many countries have been reluctant to approve this vaccine because it lacks reliable experimental data.

According to the American newspaper, the detailed results of the peer review of the third phase of clinical trials of the Chinese “Sinopharm” vaccine have not been published, and this is in contrast to the publication of the results of full studies of the American-German “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccines, and the British-Swedish “AstraZeneca”, and ” American Moderna, Russian Sputnik-V, and American Johnson & Johnson.

In addition, other Chinese vaccine trials showed that they have a lower efficacy, as it was found that the “Sinovac” vaccine has an effectiveness of 50.4% after trials in Brazil, while the effectiveness of the “Cansino Biologics” vaccine was found to be 65.7% in preventing symptoms of “Covid-19.” , According to Pakistan’s health minister, who cited data from multi-country experiences.

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