The death of Algerian artist Reem Ghazali raises grief in the artistic community .. She passed away after a struggle with cancer at the age of 39

The death of the Algerian artist, Reem Ghazali, at the age of 39, after suffering with cancer, sparked a state of broad sympathy and sadness that her sister released through an influential video, before the condolences of the Algerian Minister of Culture and a large number of artists followed.

Actress Salma Ghazali, the late sister, said: Video clip She posted it on her Facebook page, Thursday, March 18, 2021: “Just minutes ago, the Gazelle of Algeria left us. May God have mercy on you, my dear Reem.”

Salma added, “Pray for her with mercy. God inspired my father and mother to be patient and gave them strength.”

Nabil bin Nasser, husband of Reem Ghazali, wrote on his Facebook account: “May God have mercy on you, my dear wife, God willing, from the people of Paradise.”

Mourning and condolences

The Algerian Minister of Culture, Malika Bendouda, was one of the first mourners of the period, saying: “With great sadness and emotion, I received the news of the death of the Algerian artist, Reem Ghazali, after a struggle with illness.”

Bin worm added in statement: “In this way, Algeria will lose a high-class creator who raised her country’s name high in international artistic forums, and represented it best, with its aesthetic sense and high morals.”

A large number of stars in the artistic community participated in the condolences of the late artist, where the Algerian star Amal Bouchoucha mourned her citizen Reem Ghazali with great sadness and wrote a blog post on Twitter in which she said: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. Shocking, sad and depressing news. Reem left this world, leaving her beautiful smile. And her good spirit and sorrow in the hearts of her family and loved ones, may God have mercy on you and patience for the heart of your memorial and your sisters, my condolences to the honorable family and to all

Your love, may God have mercy on you and expand upon you. “

The Algerian artist Kenza Morsli also expressed her shock at the departure of her colleague Reem Ghazali, so she reposted a video of her sister mourning her on Instagram and commented: “There is no strength and no strength except with God, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

The Jordanian artist, Diana Karazon, also published a picture of the late woman and offered condolences to her family on Twitter and wrote: “May God have mercy on her and be patient and compensate her for her family … We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

For his part, the Lebanese artist Joseph Attieh said that Reem Ghazali had lost consciousness during the recent period, and was no longer able to communicate and speak with her, and that he was reassuring about her through her sister or her mother.

The Lebanese singer confirmed in a televised interview that he had always spoken to her after her cancer, had it not been for her recent loss of consciousness.

Joseph Attieh stressed that the news of her death is “heartbreaking” for all of her friends and for all of her fellow “Star Academy” students who were friends with her. They feel shock and deep sadness.

The late artist

Reem Ghazali’s struggle with cancer began in 2019, when she underwent surgery to remove a tumor on the brain, and lost her battle with this disease, after a long period of treatment, as she died on Wednesday 17 March 2021, at the age of 38 years.

Reem Ghazali was born on June 29, 1982, and began her career in Lebanon from the talent and singing program “Star Academy” (2005).

Reem performed several songs, including “Ya Sayyad Al-Ghazlani,” “Gramo,” “Raje Lea,” and “Wayne Ayounak On Me”.

On television, she presented a number of works, most notably the comedy-drama series “B73” and the hidden camera program “Rugged”.

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