The first of its kind in the Biden era .. America sets the date for the “strategic dialogue” with Iraq

The White House announced, Tuesday, March 23, 2021, that the US administration “looks forward to reviewing the strategic dialogue with the United States.” Iraq Next April, “according to what local media outlets, including Al-Hurra TV, reported on the White House spokeswoman, Jane Saki, may lead to a new breakthrough in the crisis between Washington and Baghdad.

Relations between the two countries have been tense and have gone through many crises, especially after an American air strike, last January, which caused the killing of the commander of the “Quds Force” in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, and the leader of the Iraqi “Popular Mobilization” militia, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, outside Baghdad airport .

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi / Reuters

Common interests

In press statements, Sacchi said, “The goal will be to clarify that the mission of the coalition forces is limited to training Iraqi forces and providing advice to ensure that ISIS does not return.”

These discussions also aim to define the future of US-Iraqi relations.

The same spokeswoman confirmed that “the meetings will make it clearer that the international coalition forces are in Iraq only to train and provide advice to the Iraqi forces to ensure that ISIS is not able to regroup.”

“This is an important opportunity to discuss our common interests across a range of areas including security, culture, trade and climate,” Sacchi added.

Crisis between America and Iraq

This clarification comes from the White House, after Iraq sent a formal request to the administration of US President Joe Biden, to set a date for the resumption of strategic talks on bilateral relations and the withdrawal of the remaining forces in the country, Iraqi officials told the Associated Press, Tuesday.

On the other hand, the Iraqi government is looking forward to discussing a set of files with the new US administration, most notably supporting the economy and stimulating investment, as well as cultural exchange between the two countries, in addition to the military file and the presence of American forces.

US forces in Iraq – archive – Reuters

The talks, which began last June under former President Donald Trump, will be the first under the auspices of Biden, who took office in January.

It is worth noting that despite the relatively improved relations between America and Iraq, since Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s arrival as prime minister, the crisis still prevails in the situation, especially in light of the pressures exerted by Iraqi Shiite parties, or supported by Iran, to take decisions contrary to American policies. In the country, similar to the call for the withdrawal of US forces, this was embodied by the passage of a resolution to expel the US-led coalition forces from Iraq after the attack.

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