The head of the Suez Canal comments on a picture of a digger in front of the giant stranded ship 0

Chairman commented Suez Canal, Osama Rabie, in the image that swept the world, and showed a small digger in front of the giant ship stuck in the canal “Evergiven”, with the start of attempts to free the ship that impedes the movement of navigation in one of the most important waterways in the world.

The Egyptian official, during a statement to reporters, on Saturday 27 March 2021, devoted part of his conference to talking about the image, and said that “some people got confused by the matter. The digger is for removing the sand and not pulling the ship.”

Rabi added “The process of widening the road in front of the bow of the ship is important in order to re-float it, as the depth in the middle of the Suez Canal is 24 meters, but on the sides it drops to 2 and 5 meters, which confirms the importance of drilling in front of the ship.”

The pictures had shown a small digger, next to him two men, who looked very small, were standing in front of the giant 400-meter ship.

Rabie’s comment came after the image had achieved great popularity and became the object of mockery on social networks, as well as the use of the image of the stranded ship to express life’s difficulties.

One of the most prominent uses of the image was to compare the weak vaccination campaigns that are not comparable to the great crisis of Corona virus in the world, and another to compare the monthly salary and the corresponding large needs for living.

The image of a digger in front of the giant ship was widely shared on social networks

Some also took advantage of pictures of the ship stranded in the Suez Canal and used them in promotional ideas for goods.

Since Tuesday, March 23, 2021, shipping traffic through the canal, through which about 12% of total world trade passes, has been suspended after the giant container ship “Evergiven” was suspended.

The delinquent vessel is owned by the Japanese company “Choi Kisen”, registered in Panama, and chartered from the Taiwanese “Ever Green” company, and it carries about 220 thousand tons of cargo.

And attempts to float the ship continue, as Rabie said, yesterday, Saturday, that efforts made to remove the huge container ship “Evergiven” that blocks the Suez Canal allowed the return of the movement of the propeller and the rudder of the ship, but it is still not clear when it will be resurfaced.

In the wake of the Canal Crisis, Shipping rates for oil product tankers increased Almost doubled after the ship ran aground, and the closure of the canal also affected global supply chains, threatening costly delays for companies already suffering due to the restrictions of Covid-19.

If the canal continues for a long time, shipping companies may decide to change the route of the ships to orbit around the Cape of Good Hope, which adds two weeks to the voyages, in addition to more fuel costs.

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