The initiative to resolve the Yemen crisis is serious support for peace

The Saudi Council of Ministers confirmed this on Tuesday Initiative to end the crisis in Yemen It is a continuation of the Kingdom’s concern for its security and stability and the eradication of human suffering from its people.

In his meeting today – via video call – led by the administrator of the two holy mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, he said that acts of terrorism and sabotage repeatedly committed against vital facilities and civilian objects do not only affect the kingdom. but in a broader sense aim at the security and stability of the energy supply and the economy. The international community violates international laws and norms and calls on the countries of the world and their organizations to oppose and confront all parties that implement or support them.

Iran’s interventions

In his statement to the Saudi press agency, Minister-designate Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi the unrestricted right of the kingdom to protect its country, its citizens and its inhabitants from the systematic attacks of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia against civilian objects on important installations.

He expressed the kingdom’s total opposition to the Iranian interference in the region, which caused the prolongation of the Yemeni crisis by promoting smuggling and development of missiles and weapons and violating relevant Security Council resolutions.

Israeli settler

He also expressed his condemnation of the continued expansion of the Israeli settlement in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the demolition of Palestinian property and the resulting displacement, and the continuation of the kingdom’s affirmation ahead of the (forty-sixth) session of the Human Rights Council of assistance and support for the Palestinian cause at all political and economic levels and everything that can promote and protect human rights in occupied Palestine.

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