The inspiring story of KC Mitchell and the brutal back workout

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“Two strong guys pulling insanely heavy iron.” If this video were a feature film, that could be its title, as record-breaking powerlifter Jesse Norris and Afghan war veteran and powerlifter KC Mitchell, founder of Rising Labs, go to the gym and put their back muscles under strain. extreme. This movie even has a sequel where they give their breasts the same treatment.

The workout hits all the milestones you would expect from a heavy back workout and more. They slide plate after plate across the bar for heavy deadlifts, challenging each other to find their limit. From there, there are rows of insane monster cables, push-ups, rows of one-arm dumbbells, and rows of machines – basically all of the best back moves, all of them fail over and over again. .

Throughout training, Mitchell talks about his journey from the survivor of a massive IED explosion, through three years of painful rehabilitation, and to the moment of victory when he stood on stage. and pulled a huge deadlift.

“I got all excited and I went over there, pulled it up, held it and put it down soft and lit up white – and it weighed 600.1 pounds,” Mitchell recalls. his momentous powerlifting encounter. “Everyone went crazy. It was emotional for me. It was like the end of everything I had planned to do after my injury. It took me four years to get out of bed. hospital and those narcotics to walk on that platform and feel like a legitimate athlete. “

KC Mitchell also hits hard and hard in every workout. For its level of intensity, you need a pre-workout to match.

KC Mitchell’s back workout


Deadlift with dumbbells

Build up to a heavy double or single.

5 sets, 2-3 reps (2 min rest)



Perform the exercises in order, resting as little as possible between exercises and turns.

6 sets, 8-10 reps (no rest)

6 sets, 8-10 reps (no rest)


Machine seat row

Alternate sets of two-arm reps and one-arm reps intuitively. At the end, do a double or triple dropset.

12 sets, 10 repetitions (rest 30 sec.)

Want to hear the full story of KC Mitchell? Listen to Hard-Won Life and Lifting Lessons, his inspirational episode from the podcast.


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