The International Criminal Court begins its awaited investigation in Palestine .. It sent a letter to Israel and gave it 30 days to respond

Newspaper said “The Times of IsraelThe Israeli, Thursday, March 18, 2021, said that the International Criminal Court had given Tel Aviv 30 days to respond to its letter related to the charges it faces about committing “war crimes” in the Palestinian territories.

The Israeli newspaper indicated that the International Tribunal’s letter reached Tel Aviv at the end of last week, at a time when the Israeli National Security Council began drafting a response to this letter.

According to the newspaper, the brief speech that reached Tel Aviv consists of a page and a half, and it presented the three main areas of investigation, which are the 2014 war on Gaza, the Israeli settlement policy, in addition to the Israeli suppression of the 2018 Great March of Return protests.

On March 3, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, announced that it had opened an official investigation into alleged crimes in the Palestinian territories, in a move that Israel strongly opposes.

Bensouda said at the time that there was “reasonable basis” to believe that crimes were committed by members of the Israel Defense Forces, Israeli authorities, Hamas, and Palestinian armed factions during the 2014 Gaza war.

Palestinian welcome

For its part, the Palestinian Authority welcomed the decision of the International Criminal Court, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that this step “is long overdue in Palestine’s relentless endeavor to achieve justice and accountability as indispensable foundations for the peace that the Palestinian people demand and deserve.”

The Palestinian Authority has previously described the decision of the International Criminal Court to have jurisdiction over the Palestinian territories as a “historic day for the principle of accountability,” noting that it is ready to cooperate with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in the event of an investigation.

Hussein al-Sheikh, Minister of Civil Affairs of the Palestinian Authority, said in a tweet on Twitter at the time that the decision of the International Criminal Court to consider Palestine as a member state, according to the Treaty of Rome and the court’s jurisdiction to consider issues related to the Palestinian territories and complaints filed by the Authority, is a “victory for truth, justice and freedom.” And for moral values ​​in the world. “

In turn, Human Rights Watch described the decision as “extremely important,” and Belkis Jarrah, an advisor to the organization’s international justice program, said that the decision “finally offers some real hope for justice for victims of serious crimes, after half a century of impunity.”

Israeli and American refused

On the other hand, he met the decision Quick reactions From Israel, which rejected it again, and the US administration also objected to this decision, bearing in mind that Israel is neither a member of the International Criminal Court nor the United States. But the Palestinians joined the court in 2015.

Also earlier this month, a number of officials told Channel 13 that they are concerned that the ICC may actually begin issuing arrest warrants against former Israeli military officials and officers in the coming months.

According to Israeli media reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is at the forefront of these officials, in addition to the Defense Minister at that time Moshe Ya’alon, the current Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who was the army chief of staff at the time, in addition to a number of the country’s army chiefs.

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