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The Ivory Tower – Is This My Akashic Records?

Ivory tower

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The term ivory tower originates from the Biblical Song of Solomon (7: 4)[1] and was then used as an epithet for Mary. As early as the 19th century, it was used to denote an environment of intellectual pursuit disconnected from the practical concerns of everyday life. In American English usage, it is also used as a shorthand for academia or college.

This is another of my crazy stories …

In the last decade of my life, I have said the following phrase a million times: “You just can’t make up this shit”! Again today I find myself completely blown away by how my human experience continues to show me in a BIG way that we are so much more than is obvious to our worldly eyes. This is another of my stories, a story of how one move (yes) led to the next moment and the next possible move (yes). If you have listened to me speak or had the pleasure of working with you, you know that I am a HUGE supporter of saying YES to our internal guidance system, even when it seems scary, uncertain, impossible or extremely uncomfortable. . What I like, the love, the love in the “yes” is that a single yes leads to many results; it is never a linear event.

Several months ago, I said yes to a volunteer position. In fact I had a strange feeling knowing that this job was going to be offered to me and that I should say yes. It was overkill for me because I thought I had given up volunteering for these kinds of positions a long time ago. But here my universal guidance system asked me to say yes, so I did. In November of last year a series of events (a series of yeses) happened that made me think OH that’s why I said yes to this volunteer position. I was more than satisfied with this result; I was happy to say the least. But what happened a few weeks ago made me understand that nothing is linear, nothing concerns 1 event, 1 result or 1 yes, it is still an unfolding of our life journey. I know, I know I haven’t given you much yet; you want chewy meat unless you are a vegetarian or vegan and want a celery stalk to chew on. I am tolerant and flexible, I can adapt to both.

Here we go … so I do what I’m supposed to do on my monthly volunteer assignment. I’m here to support someone who leads a group and promotes their individual practice. I sit, break, greet and become invisible for an hour and a half. The fun part is that I can listen to the group leader and participate lightly in all the activities like guided meditations etc. But, I do it with an open eye, because my “job” is the safety and comfort of the room, I am here to support not participate. In this particular circle, participants were asked to do three different closed-eye meditations (trips). Again, I was slightly involved in the first two, but somehow the last one got me, I went from that space to a spiritual vision.

I have to intervene here that it is unusual for me, I am not getting (or think I am getting) spiritual visions. My guidance system works differently and it usually happens with KNOWLEDGE, not full VISION. The other part of this is that the VISION I had does not match how I participate in this illusion. I will mention the Akashic Records, and I want you to know that this is not a place or topic that I even remotely feel comfortable discussing at a distance, but it is part of the VISION I had, so I will refer to it.


(The group leader asks us to go to our Akashic archives to access any information we might need at this time) Instantly I see a shiny white marble building in the sky, sort of sitting or surrounded by clouds . There is a steep and wide staircase, as wide as the building leading to golden doors that seem to rise endlessly into the sky. The doors open as I approach my presence (it seems to me to fly, float or slide like on a magic carpet). I register with a Being, I declare my name “Virginia _____, to see my files please”. She nods and says to a guide whom I perceive but cannot see, “take her to room 333-10490249”. (she actually says the word “dash” 333 dash 1049 …, don’t ask me why I remember the number, just don’t know why, but I do!) I’m instantly in a space or a white room, at first I only see white. I say “I would like to know what I forgot”. I then see walls of books as high as the sky, immense beyond belief. A booming voice loudly declares “DID YOU FORGET WHO YOU ARE? You helped demolish this IVORY TOWER,” then all the books and shelves in that space started to fall on me, leaving a gaping hole where it was. there was nothing an opening to infinity and beyond. I am surprised and shocked by the voice and what was going on in space. (then I hear the group leader calling us back).

I open my eyes and realize that my consciousness has completely left this space during the meditation, I tremble, my heart races. What had I just seen? What the hell had just happened? The leader asked the group if anyone had seen anything. I tried to relay what had just happened but I didn’t have words to describe the experience yet.

What does it all mean? For each of you reading this, you might have an interpretation of my vision, in fact I was really, really tempted to contact a physical medium friend of mine for her interpretation. But I stopped. The lessons I have learned so far in my journey have taught me to always look inside for answers and then to reach out to others for support or confirmation. So I have been sitting with this vision for a few weeks.

My interpretation:

Everyone is special, so no one is special. -Eric Perle

The Ivory Tower represents for me the human tendency to want to prove, show or be better than, more educated than, more experienced than and / or more enlightened than. On the other side of the spectrum is the experience of unworthiness because of these unfounded comparisons. We see this in the secular world and unfortunately this trend permeates the spiritual world, or the so-called AWAKENED world. But my Knowledge tells me that all of this is an ILLUSION. There is nothing that can amplify or diminish my connection and my perfection. I AM one with my creator even though I have never bought a book, attended a seminar / training, graduated, or spent 30 years gaining healing experience. The one and only thing that separates us from our SUPER NATURAL power is the illusion of separation. All we have to do is remember who we really are. We are the essence of pure love. No more no less! In this essence is the power to BE whole.

So I stand here today and ask you, is there anything in the records of your soul’s journey that can help you KNOW that you are ONE with your creator? Is there any past pain or suffering that will lead you to KNOW that you are and always have been PERFECT and that the illusion of this world with all its hurts would only make you forget that? Tear down the walls of illusion, “The Ivory Tower” and step into the vast expansive space where you don’t need to figure out or fix anything. You just need to remember it.

It’s time to WAKE UP now.

Source by Virginia Adams

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