The Kremlin, in response to whether a new cold war has begun with America: We are preparing for the worst 1

The Kremlin announced, Friday, March 19, 2021, that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to hold direct talks on the Internet with US President Joe Biden is still valid, pointing out that Putin can do so at any time convenient for Biden, and if the offer will not remain on the table. Forever.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is using diplomatic channels to provide options for holding an event for Putin and Biden, and that the recent statements of the US President cannot be ignored, stressing that his country always aspires to the best but is preparing for the worst, in response to a question about the outbreak of war New cool between Russia and the United States.

On Thursday, Putin said that he should hold talks via the Internet with Biden in the coming days, after a statement by the US President in which he said that he believed that his Russian counterpart had fought, and in light of the continued decline in diplomatic relations between the two countries to their lowest levels after the Cold War.

Unprecedented statements

The Kremlin previously announced that Moscow will deal with Washington based on the fact that Biden does not want to improve relations, stressing that the statements are right Putin “Very bad” and “unprecedented”.

About this, the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, was summoned to consult and review relations with the United States.

As indicated Jane Saki, a spokeswoman for the White HouseOn Thursday, March 18, 2021, Biden has no regrets about calling Putin a “killer.”

Consequences of interference in the US presidential election

Biden said, Wednesday, March 17th, that the Russian president will face the consequences of directing efforts to influence the US presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, before describing him as a “killer.” And Putin responded, Thursday, to Biden’s statements, by saying that one does not see Except for his qualities.

Jane Saki made it clear that Biden had nothing to regret, in response to questions about whether the president was concerned that his statements might further damage his country’s already strained relationship with Russia.

The White House spokeswoman added, “We will not rely on sanctions only in our dealings with Russia, and there are methods that I will not disclose.” She explained that there are undeclared decisions towards Russia, and that the president has the right to respond in the way he chooses.

Putin’s sweeping effort

On Tuesday, the CIA issued an unclassified report on foreign interference in the 2020 elections, which concluded that Putin oversaw “sweeping efforts” aimed at negatively affecting Biden’s election campaign and “distorting” it, according to ABC News.

On the other hand, Putin responded Thursday to the description of his US counterpart, saying that he wished him “health”, stressing that his wish was not a matter of mockery or joke.

Putin stated that people tend to see others as they see themselves, adding: “Every society has lived through its past many difficult and tragic events, and that evaluating a country, state, people or other people is like looking in the mirror, and there we always see ourselves.”

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