The latest decline is the deepest as the wife leaves her husband to buy more bitcoins

Pressure to try to sell bitcoins (BTC) at the best price turns out to be too much for some couples.

A post from Reddit revealed that he was abandoned by a man’s wife after refusing to sell his bitcoin shares when the price reached $ 60,000, and instead loaded on another BTC during the recent downturn.

IN post entitled “My wife is leaving for a bitcoin,” u / Parking_Meater said that his wife packed her suitcases and went to live with her sister after catching him converting more money into bitcoins. Reddit wrote:

“She just left to stay with her sisters.” It’s very crazy that I didn’t sell for 60 thousand, and he often looks at me for the price. I keep telling her we don’t need money and we don’t have cash. We live nicely. Today, however, she caught me buying a dip and was so upset that she almost hit me! Now she packed her bags and went to the sisters to stay. “

The accumulation of trading by the sender’s wife is not known, however, her instinct to sell when bitcoin hit historically highest The $ 61,321 on March 13 would prevent a 15% loss, due to the trajectory of the coin since then.

But at the same time, if the husband bought a drop, when bitcoin hit and two-week minimum on Thursday morning (UTC) of $ 52,182, which corresponds to the timing of his contribution, would increase by 2.2% by the time of publication.

But u / Parking_Meater doesn’t seem to be too concerned. His contribution ended with a look into the future, in which he naturally sees the use of sports cars as a lever in the famous ritual of courtship.

“She said he wouldn’t talk to her.” I need help here, where is a good place to pick up the girls in my Lambu? “

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