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The Murex d’Or party returns to revive hope amidst pain and to celebrate its twentieth anniversary

After an absence of about 3 years, the most recent of which was the 2019 Murex d’Or ceremony that was held in the Casino du Liban, the founders of the Murex Award return to the role of the two brothers, Dr. Zahi El-Helou and Dr. Fadi El-Helou, to launch the awaited ceremony on the twelfth of August with a national character that prioritizes national actions in the field of singing . This return coincides with the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the award, which adds a special and special character to the ceremony this year.

A snapshot from one of the Murex D’or Awards, showing the two sweet brothers with the late Elias Rahbani and Nadine Njeim

This year, the Murex Dor Festival will wear a national dress

This year’s Murex turn will not be like its predecessors three years ago. The red carpet will not be a space to showcase the looks of celebrities and festival guests from inside and outside Lebanon. The Murex Dor Festival this year will wear a patriotic dress and identify with the pains of Beirut and comfort its people and give them a space of hope amid the pain. Hence, this year’s slogan was “Hope Despite Pain” to give the Murex ceremony the role of its prizes for the stars who persevered in their artistic productions and presented works in the time of stone and epidemic and succeeded in the test of continuity and creativity amid the difficult circumstances that surrounded the whole world and in Lebanon in particular.

Murex Door Jury Evaluates Business – Photo by Murex Door Committee

The ceremony will be devoid of glamor and luxury

It was evident in the meetings of the Musical and Dramatic Arbitration Committees, which finally completed its mission after a series of meetings, that all the members of the committees were keen that the ceremony be free of glamor and luxury, and that the occasion turned into a salute to Beirut specifically and a message to the world summed up in preserving Lebanon’s civilized face.

Nelly Karim receives her award at the last Murex d’Or ceremony – 2019 Photo from the Murex d’Or Festival

The festival’s slogan will not be the “only variable” in the Murex d’Or 2021 ceremony, but rather focus on not neglecting any successful artwork that emerged during the past three years. Hence the arduous and difficult task of the two judging committees, which includes a selection of artistic, media and social figures, to choose the best among the lyrical and dramatic productions over a period of 3 years, in addition to the heavy voting from all over the world that the Murex D’or Award nominations enjoy in each session via its website. . Finally, it was announced that the voting had officially ended, and the countdown to announcing the winners soon began during the expected ceremony.

Brothers Dr. Zahi and Dr. Fadi Al-Helou – an exclusive photo from the Murex d’Or Festival

The national song had a large space in the nominations due to the number of patriotic songs that the stars presented to Beirut after the explosion of the port on the fourth of last August. This will not cancel the allocation of prizes, as usual, to Arab stars in the fields of singing and acting, who will attend in solidarity with Beirut and to confirm the continuity of the Murex message, a role in honoring art and its makers despite all circumstances. The ceremony will also witness the honoring of one of the artistic symbols who left the world silently and without farewell due to the circumstances imposed by the spread of the epidemic. From here, the ceremony will be an opportunity to honor one of the giants of art in Lebanon, Elias Rahbani, along with some of the late prominent names that will also be honored, especially those who left due to the epidemic.

It can be said that this year’s Murex D’or awards ceremony will pose a challenge to everyone who aspires to keep Beirut as a beacon in this East. It is a task that is not easy but rather difficult, undertaken by the brothers Zahi and Fadi Al-Helou, along with the organizing and arbitration committees who set the appropriate frameworks for the celebration quietly without noise, both in terms of The dress code or content. It is a message or a challenge, let’s say, the will to survive and hope despite everything.



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