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The reason for the child’s attachment without his mother

At some point in the development of the child, the mother notices that the child is attached to others, perhaps for reasons that can be treated, and perhaps for difficult reasons. In both cases, the reasons for the child’s attachment to other than his mother must be known, as well as ways to treat them through a meeting with the educational counselor, Mays Yahya, who indicated the following On this subject.

What is attachment?

Attachment is the inability to separate from a certain person, and it comes because of the instinct for the newly born, which scientists did not neglect to study the period that the fetus spent in its mother’s womb; It is one of the periods in which the feelings of the child are formed and its age should not be overlooked. Therefore, we find that the newborn recognizes his mother and stops crying as soon as he smells her scent that he smelled from the amniotic fluid during his journey in the womb, and many experiments have been conducted about this stage important.

Is the newborn related to other than its mother?

Attachment of the newborn to its mother

Some circumstances may occur that separate the newborn from its mother after birth; And where doctors recommend that the newborn should stay away from the mother, and the newborn may be attached to the person who is taking care of him, and the fact that the new born misses the smell of the womb, which he searches for as soon as he comes to life, and the mother may have to stay away from her child because of her exposure to a caesarean section or her suffering from complications of natural birth such as Heavy bleeding after birth, and another reason that leads to the distance of the newborn from the mother is that the newborn is premature and needs to be in the industrial nursery, and where he is in the hands of the nursery doctor for a certain period.

Reasons for clinging to a baby without its mother

  • In the event that the working mother stays at her job for a long time, and leaves the child with the grandmother, for example.
  • In the event the parents are separated by divorce and the child is attached to the person who takes care of him instead of the mother.
  • If the mother travels and leaves her for the child with a relative or even the father.
  • In the event that the mother is unable to satisfy the child’s need for tenderness, play, affection and foreplay.
  • The child’s feeling that his mother is cruel to him because she wants to raise him with a good upbringing, and takes care of his health and nutrition, unlike a person who only does what is required of him without forbidding or modifying behavior.

Ways to bring a child back to his mother

justice between children
  • The attachment of a child to other than his mother is considered an unhealthy behavior, because the normal and healthy behavior is to cling to his mother even after weaning.
  • The mother should spend more time with her child in order to bring him back to her.
  • When the child grows up a little, he will know that his mother wants his best interest when she rebukes him and forbids him.
  • The mother also pays a balanced attention to her children so that the little one does not escape attachment to another person.
  • Dividing the child’s time and the mother’s time so that he is in his mother’s arms, as well as he has the opportunity to create an environment surrounding with other people.



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