The Red Sea Festival offers filmmakers $ 10 million صناع

The Red Sea Film Festival has started opening the door to creative filmmakers in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and Africa to showcase their projects related to the production of documentary, feature and even animated films.

The Red Sea Fund offers a range of grants to support more than 100 artistic projects for the film industry valued at up to $ 10 million.

Promote talent and creativity

The funding is provided to encourage artistic talent in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and Africa to enter the fields of film and production, which include screenwriting, photography and directing.

Also, the Red Sea Fund depends on the support for technical projects that include 3 categories, represented by the Red Sea Fund for Technical Projects Development, which aims to support innovative technical ideas and these projects from the first phase that the The scenario is to develop to reach the production stage.

The second fund is production-related as it supports filming and production-ready engineering projects, and applicants are required to provide the final scenario, production schedule, and a list of artistic talents who will participate in the artistic project.

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While the Red Sea Fund for Projects is under construction, it supports technical projects after the shooting, which have to go through post-production in order to reach their final version and thus to be shown in different cinemas.

Art seminars and workshops

On the other hand, the festival offers a number of artistic seminars and workshops as well as sessions for communication and getting to know the participants within the festival.

The aim is to highlight the promising opportunities that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers in various artistic fields to professionals in the film industry around the world.

Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, published a series of promotional photos of the festival through his official Instagram account to present his activities.

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