The referee’s health malaise ends a match in the African Cup qualifiers in the 80th minute .. They did not find a substitute, so they ended the meeting (video)

In a rare scene in football stadiums, the observer of the match that brought together Côte d’Ivoire and Ethiopia, in the framework of the last matches of the African Cup of Nations qualifiers, had to end the match, although he played only to the eightieth minute, after being exposed Rule The main match, Ghanaian Charles Polo, was unwell at the same time.

The match that brought together the two teams, in the eleventh group, ended with the victory of the “elephants” of Côte d’Ivoire, with a score of 3 goals to one goal, thus ensuring that the two teams qualified for the finals. Ethiopia is the player Ginah Gepeto.

The eightieth minute, it seemed that the referee was unable to stand on his feet properly, which was noticed by the players from the two teams before he fell to the ground and was taken out via the ambulance stretcher.

The Ghanaian Judgment Incident

According to African newspaper reports, the referee was exposed to a sudden illness, which prevented him from completing the last ten minutes of the match, to be rushed to the nearest hospitals from the stadium “Houphouet Bouany” in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan.

The same sources confirmed that the match observer suggested that the fourth referee run the match instead of him, but the Ethiopian team refused that, claiming that he was Ivorian, and the match was crucial for Ethiopia.

In just minutes, the match observer went to the pitch in the 90th minute and announced the end of the match, while Ivorian media reported that the Confederation of African Football would later discuss the outcome of this match.

The file of this match will not be much complicated in front of the African Union, especially as Ethiopia also secured its qualification for the finals, taking advantage of Madagascar’s draw with Niger without goals.

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