The Riyadh Agreement is a good way out for everyone

The Yemeni ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, Ezz El-Din Saeed Al-Asbahi, confirmed that the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement It is a fair way out for everyone in Yemen that requires responsible and responsible implementation as Saudi Arabia’s efforts are aimed at strengthening the unity of the legitimate side and achieving stability and peace that will end the bloody battle in the countryside .

In a press release to Al, he said: “Saudi Arabia’s demand for swift implementation of the Riyadh Accords comes as it has recognized the magnitude of the danger of what is happening in Yemen, which could lead to the loss of the city, with Aden other cities, which would lead to disaster for everyone. “

announced move

He also pointed this out Welcome to the Yemeni government It is nothing more than a commitment to responsibility towards the homeland, a step announced by the government that has been clearly affirmed at all times.

He stressed that the members of the government must recognize that in the performance of their work they are no longer representing their partisan components but the Yemeni people and that the priorities of their work are the stability and unity of Yemen by consolidating the principles of the Yemeni To work together in a team spirit to end the Houthi militia rebellion and restore all plundered capabilities of the state.

Chaos and chaos

He stated that it is unacceptable that the judicial facilities in Aden should be interrupted for so long because the damage affects both the citizens and the future of the state of Yemen, not just its present, and that the turn of those chaos today is ripping the country apart into chaos and chaos from which it is difficult to return without heavy losses, and there is no radical solution, just stop and work immediately on the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

In addition, the Yemeni ambassador made it clear that the “Riyadh Agreement” was clearly worded, setting out the roadmap for restoring stability, ending the manifestations of dissent and joining forces to end the rebellion and restore the state Pillars, adding that the ball now rests with the Transitional Council to implement the necessary divide and work quickly to make Aden an attractive capital for all segments of Yemeni society.

Izz Al-Din Saeed Al-Asbahi

Izz Al-Din Saeed Al-Asbahi

Continuation of fraternal politics

mention that The Yemeni government valued what was said in the Saudi statementWhich she published last Thursday on the Riyadh Agreement and which she sees as a continuation of her sincere brotherly policy and her constant concern for the unity and stability of Yemen.

In the statement broadcast by the Yemeni official news agency, the government said: It welcomes all the content of the Saudi statement and reiterates its commitment to the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement in all its aspects and details, and that this is an important step in that direction the union of all forces and currents that reject Iranian control over Yemen and oppose the Houthi coup against Yemen without discrimination and threaten Arab security and international interests.

The statement added that from the outset, the Yemeni government was keen to create all the conditions for a successful implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, and we were working in the makeshift capital of Aden – and with the instructions of the political leadership – and in the Spirit of a team to overcome all obstacles and difficulties and to overcome all forms of provocation and manipulation.


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